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Project Wonderful is an advertising service that stands unique from other well-known networks such as Google Adsense. RMRK now offers a prime Project Wonderful banner slot at the top of every page of the forum, intended for users, developers et al to make use of.

What's The Plan?

We're testing an idea of using Project Wonderful to fund prizes for future competitions. Any interested teams or developers can bid on the slot, and receive headline exposure of their project / image, and traffic to their link. Proceeds from this are left to build up until the next RMRK contest rolls around, at which point the staff withdraw the funds, round to a simple number (say, $50 from $52.74) and put it up as prize(s).

It may even be that as a bidder, your project or team gets much more attention - subsequently winning a competition. Then not only do you get your money back, but the money anybody else paid too.

How Does It Work?

Project Wonderful functions closer to eBay than typical online advertising, with a so-called "infinite auction" deciding whose ad is shown at what time. There are also regions, such as Europe, America or Worldwide. At any time, the current high-bidder has their banner/link displayed. The current high bid can even be $0, meaning you pay absolutely nothing and get free advertising!

Project Wonderful (or just PW) works on a CPD or Cost Per Day system, so for instance you may be willing to pay $1 a day to have your ad displayed. If somebody else bids higher, you are not charged. If you are only the high bidder for say, 3 hours - you will only pay 12 cents. Unlike other ad networks that charge you for clicks or views, PW only goes by time. No matter how many views or visitors you get, you would only ever pay a maximum of $1.

In another parralel to eBay, If another user is bidding $0.25 then you will only have to pay $0.26 - even though you bid for $1. $0.26 is all that's required for you to be the top bidder, so that's all you pay.

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