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Welcome to the RMRK Wiki!

We currently have 302 articles.

Registration is required for article creation and editing, and will also make it easy to track your own additions to the wiki. Currently registration is closed due to our never-ending war with spambots. BUT! You can still join up with ease by sending a message to either Roph, ahref, Arrow-1, or Zylos. Just send one of them your username, and they will create an account for you. It's recommended that once you have an account, you should change your password afterward to something you can remember and to fill in your email address so that you can have your password resent to you if you should forget it.

Questions, suggestions, flames, and random haiku go in the discussion page, accessible via the tabs on top. Remember to mark your lines with a signature timestamp (using the character sequence "--~~~~"; it will be automatically parsed).

There is also a thread for discussion of RMRKWiki at RMRK.


Regular contributors of good content get extra privileges on the forums.

Creating a member page:
When creating a new member page, copy the source code from the Blank Member Page, and paste it into a new blank page with the title matching the name of the member.

Special Pages

Wanted Pages (Pages that are linked to but don't exist yet)

All Pages (A list of every article currently on the wiki)


NEW RULE! If you create a new page, you must include the category it belongs to. Simply type in [[Category:]] and enter in the proper category to which it belongs. If it is a member page, put in [[Category:Members]]; if it is a page about a board or aspect of the forum, try putting it in [[Category:Forums]]. If you are not sure where it belongs, at least put it in [[Category:Misc]]. IF YOU FAIL TO DO SO, then the page will be wandering aimlessly and only able to be found with a specific search, instead of being able to use the side bar to find a link to it.

Image filenames are to be prefixed with the article name. For example, instead of GFF_ava.gif, you'd have something like articlename_avatar_3.gif. You can always abbreviate if the article name is too long. Everyone, please help with fixing existing filenames. Note: Images with adequately distinctive filenames already, such as the M:tG cards, are exempt from this rule.

It's HaloOfTheSun, not Haloofthesun. Similarly, it's GilgameshRO not Gilgameshro, and so on. Capitalization matters (as gay as this may be for a search engine)! If you're going to be representing someone else, at least do so with decent grammar.

Also, for wiki basics (really basic basics), peruse the RMRK thread: RMRKWiki