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  • Join Date: January 14, 2006
  • Aliases: landofshadows, LOS
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  • One of the "senior" members. (Senior meaning he has been on RMRK for at least a year.)

As far as RPG Maker goes, landofshadows is known for his excellent resources he creates. Some were simply just edits, while others were created from scratch.

Unfortunately, LOS had a bit of a run-in with blueXx early on, over somthing so trivial, it's not even remembered. Then, landofshadows decided to no longer share his work with the community. That is, until they both patched things up, and so he agreed to continue posting his resources.

After a long absence, lOS returned, posting primarily in Intelligent Debate. His theories are usually not accepted very well by the Intelligent Debate regulars, and can lead into some heated discussions with Jesus Hitler, and, to a much milder extent, gonorrhoea. To his credit, whether you agree with his theories or think they're just concoctions of an insane man, he has probably never resulted to petty namecalling and flaming, and continues to debate seriously.

Often his poor grammar and spelling is pointed out, but as he has stated, he is dyslexic, and for someone who is, he does very well.

He is one of the several British members of the forums, along with Silverline, dwarra, Westfield, Ahref, and thatsmypie.


It's honestly a wonder why landofshadows wasn't nominated in the 2006 RMRK Awards for Most Mature Member, as he is one of the more mature members there. Likely, it's due in large part to his age, which is mid to late 20s.

He's also the kind of guy to give everyone a chance, and even a second chance, and you'll often see him defending someone when they have no one on their side, like with Mental, and more recently, Blaze.

He has a taste for the supernatural, which often gets him into trouble in the Intelligent Debate forums. LOS is the kind of person to consider every possibility and theory, and this is usually not well accepted, and unfortunately, leads to poor discussion. Infact, most of LOS's opinions vary heavily from everyone else's, and he isn't ashamed to come across as outspoken at all.

If someone doesn't agree with any of his opinions LOS usually reacts positively and resists the urge to flame, which helps him come across as possibly the nicest member on RMRK.

Community Involvement

LOS wouldn't be considered a heavy poster (even after a year, he has yet to break 1000 posts), but he would often contribute custom-made resources, and help for those that needed it.

Forum Activity

The majority of the time, landofshadows is posting in Intelligent Debate, and other than that, it's in Projects/Games or Resources, with the occasional post elsewhere in the forums.


Often LOS would have to face Jesus Hitler's criticism's in Intelligent Debate along with the flames. While Jesus Hitler would raise some good points, LOS couldn't always look past the flaming that took place, but still went on trying to hold a mature debate.

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