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[http://rmrk.net/index.php/topic,44537.0.html yuyubabe's artwork]
[http://rmrk.net/index.php/topic,44537.0.html yuyubabe's artwork]
[http://rmrk.net/index.php/topic,42304.0.html FE Style Facesets!]

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Aliases yuyu, Deannomite
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Moderator of Community and subforums.

Join Date December 14, 2010
Member ID 15930
Status Active
RMRK Member


yuyubabe found and joined RMRK due to her interest in RPG Maker games. She quickly became well-liked due to her upbeat and friendly personality. It wasn't until late 2011 when she started posting more regularly and began to venture into the General section of RMRK's forums and into the IRC channel. This is when most of RMRK's veterans took notice of her, and her popularity increased even more so. In early 2011 she was added to the Extra Access and RMRK Advanced user groups. In late February of 2012, yuyubabe joined the Taco Revolution, and subsequently became a strong supporter and VP of the HALO4MOD 2012 campaign. A result of this was that she was given local moderator status over Community, and the subforums Welcome, Bean Bags, and Ask A Stereotype!. She was also formally recognized as being "very nice and pretty", as per the demands of the Terrorist Insurgents.

She is also the sister of RMRK member Dr. Mc.


A very warm and fun-loving person, yuyubabe quickly attracted many friends at RMRK. She graces RMRK with her kindness, and can always find something nice to say about the members that others cannot.

Community Involvement

Yuyubabe is quite active in RMRK, in both the RPG Maker and General sections. Due to her popularity and involvement in the HALO4MOD 2012 campaign, she was promoted to local moderator of the Community board and its subforums (minus Forum Games) in March 2012.

Forum Activity

Yuyubabe is a very active member, particularly in The Sewers, Welcome, and Community. She is also an IRC regular.

2011 RMRK Awards

Yuyubabe was nominated in the following categories:

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