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The Beginning

One day, on the IRC yuyubabe made a comment about Pacman being pregnant. It did not take long for yuyubabe to admit that she had impregnated Pacman. Since yuyubabe is older then Pacman by a few years, a rumor spread quickly that she was a cougar.

The Court Case

A court case was upheld to determine whether yuyubabe would be deemed a cougar or not. The defense team for yuyubabe was HaloOfTheSun and Anski. Pacman was represented by Doctor Swordopolis (despite Pacman not actually being present for the court case). Irock was the judge of this case. The first present evidence of yuyubabe's innocence was that Pacman wore a false mustache to trick her. Dr Swordopolis made an argument relating to the song "Drop it like it's hot". From this argument, the court's discussion was steered to pigs wearing mustaches, then to if pics can afford expensive fake mustaches, and then the income of pigs. Somewhere in between, there is rumored false evidence of a wealthy pig brought to the court by none other then Logan. Somewhere in between the pig arguments, yuyubabe brought up her famous "yuyubabe loves everyone" saying, thus showing that anyone could really be the father of her child at this point. (Later on, Pacman is to argue that he was originally supposed to be pregnant, instead of yuyubabe). Dr. Mc steps in, just before FBI can arrest yuyubabe, presenting the quote "<yuyubabe> anskis is probably longer then mine haha" as her proof that the father may just be Anski. Meanwhile, angered by FBI's sudden choice to detain yuyubabe, Irock finds Pacman guilty of "Sexual Trickery" and sentences him to 5 years in jail.

The Ghost Dog encounter

While celebrating her victory in the IRC, FBI enters the chat room to detain her, against the wishes of the court. Suddenly, Ghost Dog appears to face against FBI (though obviously not for the intentions of rescuing yuyubabe. His real motives remain a mystery). FBI admits that arresting her was all a ruse to get Ghost Dog to show himself. There is an epic battle and exchange of vicious words. Eventually, Ghost Dog drags FBI into another dimension, where they are expected to continue their battle. No one knows quite what happened, but FBI was later released.

The aftermath

Later on that day, Pacman comes to the court, nearly empty, presenting a quote by yuyubabe, "I'm willing to bet your Uranus is totally raped". He argues (finally) that he was supposed to be the one who was pregnant. It is now that yuyubabe admits that "[her] love for [Pacman's] Uranus was too powerful for [the] planets." She then scoffs that she can't be tried twice for the same crime. Pacman then makes the demand that "we try yuyubabe on accounts of being pretty then." This court case never seems to follow through, and the friendly argument is dropped. Silently, both Pacman and yuyubabe are added to RMRK's Pædophile List. Though, Pacman's addition is for another reason.


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