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Aliases Guin
Position(s) Member
Join Date March 04, 2012
Member ID 24250
Status IRC Active
RMRK Member


Threeofspades randomly appeared one day on IRC, where it was discovered that she is best friends with yuyubabe in person. She decided to join IRC after hearing yuyubabe talk about RMRK. She logs onto IRC every day-every other day to talk about anything that comes her way. She has never posted on the forums, as of March 13, 2012. But a leech, she is not. In fact, she has never been known to play RPG Maker of any kind. Her activity lies with random conversations in IRC, where she quickly has made friends with some of the other members.

She has a deep love for music, especially the band "Green Day".

Threeofspades is in a relationship with RMRK legend, HaloOfTheSun.


At first, Threeofspades appears very shy and unassuming. She will apologize quickly if she thinks she has offended anyone. This does not stop her crave for an interesting conversation. In fact, she becomes more upfront, bold, and confident as she opens up to a situation. She isn't often known for lying, or shirking her opinion.

Community Involvement

Threeofspades does not often get involved with the community. When she does, it's most likely in The Librarium, where she enjoys sharing her stories or poems. She seen in IRC regularly.

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