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Strike Reyhi
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Aliases Strike
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Moderator of the Video Games board.

Join Date April 25, 2008
Member ID 5903
Status Active
RMRK Member


Strike Reyhi (currently "Strike_Reyhi" on the forums) joined RMRK in April of 2008. He is in a relationship with fellow RMRK member, Acolyte, who he mentions a few times in the Things that make you :) thread. He also lists here that both dogs and cats make him ":)", thus proving that is utterly neutral on the Dogs v. Cats non-existent debates. In that very same thread, he mentions that he enjoys building stuff, making him a bit of a handyman. Not surprisingly, he dislikes it when things break.

He has a strong appreciation for Video Games, and states that he dislikes "'gamers' who don't appreciate anything other than the newest game in a series" as well as farmville and angrybirds.


Strike seems to possess a rare type of humor, which can show itself in the form of seriousness. He is very defensive and protective towards Acolyte. He doesn't appear to be afraid to let others know when they have crossed the line. He can seem bluntly honest and bold.

Forum Activity

Strike Reyhi is an active member, posting mostly in The Sewers, Video Games, and Community. He is also an IRC regular. He is a local moderator of Video Games, along with Chewey.

2011 RMRK Awards

Strike Reyhi was nominated in the following categories:

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