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  • Join date: November 02, 2006, 11:12:32 AM
  • Aliases: Anne, S7.
  • Position: Moderator of AWESOMELY ANNE OF HUMANITY - Season 1 finished!
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  • One of the "senior" members. (Senior meaning he has been on RMRK for at least a year.)

While not being a member at RMRK for long, Secret7 is still rather well known, especially in certain groups. She is a member of the delectable Final Fantasy Shrine, great friend of RMRK's administrator Silverline and IRC superstar. She is moderator of her own section of RMRK, titled AWESOMELY ANNE OF HUMANITY, or "Area7" for short, where you may ask Anne for help. Whatever insignificant problems you may have burdening you, they are nothing difficult for Anne to solve. Follow her advice = Win at life.


Rather eccentric and irrepressible, Anne's personality is something quite unique and relishable. She tends to come off as the Lord of all Creation, but in a good way. She is loved by many and feared by her enemies, who quake at her feet for forgiveness.

Forum Activity

Her welcome thread, tited "SECRET7 WELCOMING/WORSHIPPING THREAD" was met quite well, although many members did not know what fame this fifteen year old had to her name. Later she was offered her own area of RMRK after making her own forums, which are now closed. As of late people are starting to see her true pallet of emotion, grace and omnipotent advice giving skills.


She has a disliking to Nightwolf feeling he's too immature, perhaps she's not wrong. Anne also had a disliking towards Deliciously_Saucy due to a picture Saucy sent her in jest after she was distraught when seeing a kitten milking off of a male cat. Anne and Saucy now get along very well.


She will likely be the next dictator of the world and the first person to contact aliens, demons, and angels...and even God. Unless the current tests being conducted prove that she, in fact, is God.


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A new section added to RMRK in April o7, was met with great response and enthusiasm. The new section is doing so well not because it is located in RMRK, but rather because it belongs to Anne. Area7 for short, is (was) always locked into the pick theme, giving an ambiance to the room reflecting her infinitely exquisite personalty.

In Area7 you may ask Anne for advice, you may worship her or discuss her greatness in general. Mods, excluding on certain situations are not allowed to interfere with what goes on or what is said.

2007 RMRK Awards

Secret7 was nominated in the following categories:


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