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If you are looking for information on the member by the name "RPG Maker", see RPG Maker (member).

RPG Maker (commonly abbreviated to RM) is the name of the piece of software that allows anyone to make there own RPG's. Originally on the PC, three games for the Playstation series came out, but have been discontinued. RPG Maker is used by many people all over the world.

At RMRK, members tend to only use RPG Maker 2000, RPG Maker 2003, RPG Maker XP and RPG Maker VX

RPG Maker 2000

Originally translated into English by Don Miguel. Userss that download RM2k also had to make sure to download and install the RTP (Run Time Package), which contained all the resources necessary to make your game. Users could import custom resources for their games as well, so there were a lot of possibilities here.

The battle system consisted of a first person view, but clever users could make events for custom battle systems (CBS).

RPG Maker 2003

This version included slightly enhanced RTP graphics, the ability to use MP3, and a more traditional side-view battle system. For those that don't like to use RMXP, this is typically the one that is used.

RPG Maker XP

Enterbrain developed a whole new scripting system for this version. Also enhanced graphics, more audio compatabilities such as .ogg, and a whole slew of new features. Yet, some useful features from RM2k3 were removed, such as the side-view battle system. With the use of scripts, one could get this back however. These same scripts however, contain many bugs, as well as take alot of satisfaction out of making games without them.

RPG Maker VX

RPG Maker VX is the latest program from the RPG Maker series. It was developed by Enterbrain and is the latest in the PC RPG Maker series, following its predecessor, RPG Maker XP. RPG Maker VX follows the naming pattern present in previous RPG Maker releases by having a suffix based on the Windows versions the software was designed for (in this case, Windows Vista and Windows XP).