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Aliases AngryPacman, HappyPacman, HungryPacman, Welfare-Daddy Pacman
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Local moderator in Scripts.

Join Date December 22, 2010
Member ID 16041
Status Active
RMRK Member


Pacman, originally AngryPacman, joined RMRK due to interest in RPG Maker VX.


He was initially a very angry man. Highly belligerent and short-tempered. Nobody liked him. Throughout this tumultuous period, Pacman endured so much vitriol and confusion he inadvertently labored the trail of ascension into the depths of passable personality, possibly hunger.

A few months thereafter he became a tolerated and a, surely against great initial aversion, mostly-liked member of the community. He calmed down significantly and showed prudence in his behavior.

He is now a respected member of the community as a whole.

Rumor is that Dr. Mc is in love with him.

Community Involvement

Pacman is the moderator of the Scripts board. He has contributed many scripts to the game creation community, as well.

Forum Activity

He is very active in the The Sewers and the Game Creation forums.

2011 RMRK Awards

He was nominated in the following categories:

Pacman placed first in Zero To Hero, and second place in Best Newbie category.

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