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Aliases Archeia, Archeia Nessiah
Position(s) Local Moderator
Join Date September 5, 2008
Member ID 6727
Status Active
RMRK Member


Nessiah originally joined RMRK as a plagiarism cop, and from her very early days her talent and drive has been obvious and unassailable. Just two days after joining, she shared her artistic talents and, shortly after that, her wonderful game-making talents came to light with Seraphim Project.

She has devoted much time to helping others learn RPG Maker, and in recognition of her dedication she was made the moderator of Tutorials & Eventing Help. She also maintains a blog and is active in the broader RPG Maker community. She has become famous for her early adoption of RMVX Ace and for the amazing resources she has created.

Nessiah is also one of the few members to have been involved in a completed project: Valthirian Arc. She was arguably the first person to have created a game in RPG Maker VX Ace, having worked with Rhyme to create and release Princess Princess with only the Japanese Trial version of RPG Maker VX Ace


Nessiah is a very warm and responsible person, quick to help others and very patient. It is quite possible she has never said a mean word to anyone, and there are rumours that she was immaculately conceived.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

The majority of Nessiah's posts have been contributions to the RPG Boards, especially Tutorials & Eventing Help, Game Creation General Chat and Substantial Projects.


Princess Princess

Valthirian Arc

Seraphim Project

Resources Created by Nessiah

RMRK Awards

2008 RMRK Awards
Best Artist3rd
Best RPG Maker User (Graphical)3rd
2009 RMRK Awards
Best Artist--
Best RPG Maker User (Graphical)2nd
2010 RMRK Awards
Best RPG Maker User (Technical)--

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