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Aliases Dr_Sword, Dr_Swordfish, Dr_Swordopolis, Fu's Daddy, Uber Noob, Rufius_Doofius, Forum Rapist, DrGrabass, Tyler Morton
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Join Date October 15, 2005
Member ID 1144
Status Active
RMRK Member


When Doctor Swordopolis first came to Crankeye's, he was more often than not considered annoying. This is in large part due to his young age. However, he slowly started to gain respect (as little as it may have been) of the other members. Most of his contributions to the site were in the form of charsets for RPG Maker, often creating them for other members. He even created a thread for this in particular.

It seemed Dr Sword was going to be gone for quite some time, the day he posted a topic announcing that he burned down his back yard. He continued to make a few posts after this, but ultimately he wouldn't be back until a month later. This event won Dr_Swordopolis a nomination in the 2006 RMRK Awards for Post Of The Year

Dr Sword didn't really start to earn respect until the temporary forums were put up at This is when FuMannChu especially started to like Dr Swordopolis. Although he was pretty well liked, it became a running gag to reduce his rep, to get it down as low as possible. This seems to have carried on to RMRK, where, as of March 2012, he has -1220 rep.

Shortly after the forums came back up, Dr_Swordopolis disappeared once again, much to the dismay of members FuMannChu and Angelic_Diablo. Well over a month later, he came back once again, only to post for a short time, and disappear again. He is now back to the forums, where he is a regular poster. Dr_Swordopolis is now very active in IRC.


Considered by many to be immature, yet tolerable. He definately can add a new dimension to a topic. Members that had spoke with him in IRC tended to like him more than those who only knew him through his posts. Dr Sword has began to show more maturity in talking to everyone on the forum, and seems to be a more likeable person to those who act mature as well, but being generally mean to those who do not act mature.

Community Involvement

Dr_Swordopolis was actively involved in the guilds, and helped out often in others' RPG Maker projects.


Sword allegedly made Strike_Reyhi so angry it spurred him to call Dr_Sword. This was done on a bet with Anski where they competed to see who could make him more angry.

Forum Activity

Often Dr_Sword would post in Resources, The Sewers, and Welcome, but he tends to be more active in IRC.

On July 6th 2008, Dr_Sword was given Global Moderator status due to the lack of current mods that may be gone or generally busy.

RMRK Awards

2006 RMRK Awards
Best Chat Member2nd (Tied with Zeriab, HaloOfTheSun, GilgameshRO, and Malson)
Funniest Member-
Post of the Year2nd
2008 RMRK Awards
Best Chat Member-
Favourite Staff Member-
Funniest Member-
Most Successful Troll-
2009 RMRK Awards
Best Veteran3rd (Tied with Anski and NAMKCOR)
Favourite Staff Member-
Most Attractivest Male2nd (Tied with Modern Algebra)
Most Immature Member3rd
Most Successful Troll2nd (Tied with Irock)
2010 RMRK Awards
Most Missed Member-
Most Successful Troll-
2011 RMRK Awards
Best IRC Chatterbox3rd
Funniest Member3rd (Tied with Holk)
Most Attractive Male Member3rd
Most Successful Troll1st

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