Dr. Mc

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Dr. Mc
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Aliases Mc, DrNigel
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Join Date April 11, 2011
Member ID 17801
Status Active
RMRK Member


Dr. Mc's involvement in RMRK was primarily in Resources, making facesets for RPG Maker, in the beginning of her membership. She would later start to venture into RMRK's General section and into the IRC channel as well, where she became known to RMRK's veteran members. Though typically not speaking much, she was quickly well-liked and over time has become one of the core members. In February of 2012, HaloOfTheSun nominated her for Extra Access, and she was voted unanimously in. As an attempt to revitalize RMRK Advanced, modern algebra added many new members to the group also in February 2012, Dr. Mc being one of them.

She is also the sister of RMRK member yuyubabe.

Rumor is that Dr. Mc is in madly love with Pacman.


She can sometimes be quiet, but then also can be fun and silly. Dr. Mc is also known to have an aversion to having her face made into a Game Over screen.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

Dr. Mc doesn't post often on RMRK (as of March 4, 2012 she still has less than 100 posts), choosing to post only when she has something worth contributing. She is an IRC regular, however, where she has earned recognition among the RMRK elite.

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