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Aliases (Other names they go by)
Position(s) (Positions held)
Join Date (Join date)
Member ID (Member ID)
Status (Active or inactive)
RMRK Member

Introduction on the Member (if needed)


  • Join date:
  • Aliases:

+ any other stats/personal tastes etc...

Factual description of the Member's RMRK history and experience. This should be about facts only. Personal opinions come after.


Description of the Member's (duh) personality.

This is where it can become a matter of personal opinion. Each additions concerning one's opinion of a member should be followed by the editor's timestamp signature ( -> button ).

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

There again, this should be about facts only. Personal opinions on said involments should be followed by the editor's signature.


Same as above.


facts facts facts

Related Media




Avatar History

Related Links

Place hyperlinks directly related to the Member here, such as the Member's RMRK profile or personal homepage.

Category:Members <- put that one between [[ ]]