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{{Member Info
{{Member Info
|image= blank.png
|image= Flametroll.png
|name= Adrien
|name= Adrien
|alias= cscott, Flametrollz
|alias= cscott, Flametrollz

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Aliases cscott, Flametrollz
Position(s) Member
Join Date November 22, 2008
Member ID 7100
Status Banned
RMRK Member


As with most members who join RMRK, Adrien registered seeking help with RPG Maker and some scripts with which he was having errors. For the most part, Adrien remained unnoticed throughout his history at RMRK until he began regularly posting in the Screenshot Thread. His criticism of other members' maps were often harsh, and he would never take anyone's critiques on his own work. He started claiming people were trying to troll him because of this.

Eventually, as with all members who end up being banned or leaving RMRK for good, he started venturing in to the General section of RMRK and its IRC channel. He quickly became an annoyance and took everything members posted seriously to the point of ridiculousness, even when they were obviously joking. After posting a picture of himself in the Post Your Picture thread, HaloOfTheSun, Malson, and yuyubabe edited his face to be Irock, Dog, and a "flametroll", respecitvely.

After this he started frequenting IRC and telling the members there that he "feeds off (their) hate", and began to say emo things about himself. Anski postulated that Adrien was autistic. He probably was. Then he got banned.

On February 29, 2012, Adrien registered a dupe account, cscott, and pretended to totally not be Adrien because they are totally different people. It became obvious fairly quickly they were both one and the same, especially when cscott asked Doctor Swordopolis to unban Adrien because "he keeps sending me messages asking to be unbanned". When it was found out cscott had the same email address as Adrien, the account was immediately banned and cake was had.


A strange member indeed, Adrien had an inability to take criticism on his work (but didn't mind giving it out to everyone else) and was unable (or unwilling) to take a joke. It is highly possible he truly was an autistic.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

Most of Adrien's posts can be found in various RPG Maker boards, though most of his notable posts are in the Screenshot Thread.


Contrary to what one may believe, there is not a lot of full out flaming or any major drama on RMRK involving Adrien. There only exists some light trolling and minor bickering in various places (mostly the Screenshot Thread, again).

RMRK Awards

2011 RMRK Awards
Best RPG Maker User (Mapping)3rd

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