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Aliases Zypher, Sigma Freud, Jiggy_Z,
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Join Date April 09, 2006
Member ID 2572
Status Active
RMRK Member


Malson registered on Crankeye around April of the year 2006, in the introduction topic titled Konnichiwa under the username "Zypher". He was already a prominent TabIt user when he joined, and it became relatively easy for him to show his own musical talents, much less public of course than Roph and HaloOfTheSun.

Malson was quite a poster on the original Crankeye, although was considered a n00b by most. But when the forums went down in 2006, he was around when they came back as well. He started to change this however, and became one of the more liked members there. After saying that he won't be around because of lack of RPG Maker use, he stuck like a bug and soon became one of Crankeye's highest posting members (although he has 7000 fake posts).

For a short time, Malson earned the privilege of being a moderator over the Video Games forum, and then later Spam. After editing some personal text in FuMannChu's profile, Fu demanded Malson be stripped of his moderator status. Malson stepped down before any decision was made, to keep peace at the forums.

Malson is also the sole author of The Legacy Of Naphe, although all he did really was gather all the necessary links into chronological order for one post. Yet, this is a very useful evidential tool to proving to the world of Naphe's bad habits (not that there would be a point in doing so, it was just for fun). He also created many other topics in the spam section, and grew to be a well known RMRK member, on both the forums and the IRC.

Malson is in a relationship with RMRK Noob Queen, yuyubabe. He likes 'em young.


Malson's personality can depend on his mood, but he's usually the easy going type of person. However, he's not afraid of having a friendly debate. Malson frequently demonstrates his sense of humor, often appearing in the IRC Quotes and Chatlogs thread.

Community Involvement

Malson has been involved in a mighty group of events, including the RMRK Awards.

Forum Activity

An incredibly large portion of Malson's posts are made in The Sewers and Forum Games. Sometimes he'll share his music in The Auditorium as well.


Malson and Djangonator at one point pretended to be an internet couple. This did not go over well with FuMannChu. In January 2007, they revealed that it was all a prank. Both were very convincing in their act, and had members believing they were an item, especially Nouman.

However, after they had begun to establish a stronger friendship, they both realized that they actually had feelings for one another, and actually did become an internet couple. However, the relationship did not work out very well for either one, and so it ended around three months later.

RMRK Awards

2006 RMRK Awards
Best Chat Member2nd
Funniest Member-
Most Likely To Become A Moderator2nd
Post Of The Year1st
Thread Of The Year2nd
Zero To Hero-
2007 RMRK Awards
Best Chat Member1st
Best Musician3rd
Best Veteran1st (Tied with HaloOfTheSun)
Favourite Staff Member-
Kindest Member-
Most Attractive Male Member-
Most Mature Member-
2008 RMRK Awards
Avast Ye Merry Pirate-
Best Chat Member3rd (Tied with Nightwolf and Anski)
Best Veteran-
Favourite Staff Member-
Funniest Member3rd
Kindest Member2nd (Tied with LadyJ and Modern Algebra)
2009 RMRK Awards
Avast Ye Merry Pirate Award3rd
Best Chat Member-
Best Musician-
Biggest Drama Whore2nd
Favourite Staff Member-
Funniest Member-
2010 RMRK Awards
Best Musician-
Most Missed Member-
2011 RMRK Awards
Best Musician2nd
Best RPG Maker User (Creativity)1st (Tied with joy and Reives)

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