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Aliases Zxmelee, ZXM, Melee, Dr_Melee, Pungopookie_Junior
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Join Date September 17, 2005
Member ID 935
Status Sporadic
RMRK Member


The one thing RMRK's resident Canadian is known for is the video tutorials he created to help beginners in RPG Maker. They became popular very quickly, because of how helpful they were, and because they were likely the first tutorials to be in the form of video. Zxmelee was also going to do videos called "The Reviews" with Ramiro, where they reviewed members' games and demos. Unfortunately, this never happened, and the idea would not be picked up again until years later.

Zxmelee's activity began to decline and become sporadic in 2007, no longer interested in making any RPG Maker games. He would randomly disappear for long periods of time, then come back on for a short while before vanishing again. A year later though, he reappeared and opted to become a more active member on RMRK. Trying to give back to the community, he started up new RMRK media with his old review show idea and podcast.

Since then, he has slipped back into randomly weaving between active and inactive, popping on for anywhere from a day to a few weeks before disappearing again.

He and his girlfriend once performed foreplay and oral sex on one another and streamed it live on the internet. The stream ended right before actual intercourse began, however.


The best way to describe Zxmelee is just to say he's a cool guy. Occasionally random, but he often has something funny to say, and is a good person to chat with in IRC or on MSN.

Community Involvement

Zxmelee was a member of The Dark Masters guild as a writer, primarily for side quests back in the day. Outside of that, Zxmelee's second attempt to do video reviews, the short-lived RMRKshow, was put into production and one episode was made. This was part of Zxmelee's new media projects for the site.

Forum Activity

The Sewers, General Chat, Projects, Reviews and Welcome are where Melee used to primarily post. He's not particularly active anymore, only coming back now and again to browse through the Sewers.

2006 RMRK Awards

Zxmelee was nominated in the following categories:

He tied with Nouman for 1st place in Most Likely to Become a Moderator.

2007 RMRK Awards

Zxmelee was nominated in the following categories:

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