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Aliases Mullet, zamullet, ZM
Position(s) Regular Member
Join Date December 03, 2006, 08:15:26 PM
Member ID 3168
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Zamullet Was brought to RMRK by BanisherOfEden. When ZaMullet first joined, members heard more from BOE about how awesome he thought ZaMullet was than actual posts from him. This was possibly even prior to him joining, as most of the time ZaMullet went unnoticed.

Often, BOE would post about how smart and funny ZaMullet was, but when members were finally introduced to him, most just saw him as another BOE. The picture of himself he posted in the Post Your Picture topic didn't help his image of being immature, as it seemed he was incredibly young (maybe 8 years old?).

He left the forums, due to "nobody liking" him.


"Zamullet's personalty never was shown on the forums." - BanisherOfEden

Often ZaMullet claimed everyone thought he was emo, leading to people thinking he was emo. Most saw his posts as immature, and pure spam, although it seemed, at times, he could be somewhat intelligent if he wanted to be, but wasn't articulate enough to get his point across.

For a while, he was relatively active in IRC, often joining the same time as BOE. Usually, all conversation at this point stopped due to the boring and horribly unfunny conversations the two shared, full of nick changes too, which is often frowned upon in IRC. Regulars of IRC found him an annoyance, and it was often asked why the two of them just didn't use an instant messenger, instead of bringing all conversation in IRC to a halt. A clear answer was never really given, and usually it wasn't long before him (and sometimes BOE) were kicked.

Community Involvement

ZaMullet was known mostly for his spamming and gravedigging.

Forum Activity

ZM posted very little, but his posts were usually found in Spam and Forum Games.

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