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Aliases Yuki, KyoushuSukasa
Position(s) Regular Member
Join Date Feb 22, 2007
Member ID 3729
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


He was welcomed nicely into the community, although some didn't believe that he was actually here for quite some time before. Later he had had his friends get an account an then it started as a family but soon came to an end when he decided that it was time to tell them that they weren't his family. Shortly after he decided to start trying to help people with sprite edits and it was going pretty well untill him and a friend tried to open a shop but sadly it was deleted because they couldent handle doing all the edits. Now he occasionly posts below the Rpg maker section but he pretty much trys not to go around the chat boards.


He is serious a lot of the time on the bored but he does know how to have fun when its nessessary tring not to be so serious its boring but throwing in some random stuff to make a joke or mess around occasionly works for him.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

Usually post on Resouces or General Chat




Has been working on the same project with his friend Kaitenshin for about 3 years now and it has yet to be finished. For a little while he switched and started his own project Cursed Sun but decided that it would be better if he managed to get at least one game done before he's done with High School so he went back to Twinedge and started to work his ass off to make it the best thing he had ever done.


Dark Angel Sion



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