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Aliases Bridget
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Join Date September 25, 2005
Member ID 990
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Yossy was one of the most well-known members at RMRK. She quickly became recognized due to her RPG Maker projects and her drawings. Even though her younger brother, dragonmagna, had already been a member for several months when she joined, she quickly became more popular around the forums.

After former moderator, dwarra, resigned from his mod status, and pegasusgamer2005 became inactive, it became necessary to replace them, as HaloOfTheSun and Roph couldn't moderate everything themselves. It was unanimous that Yossy would be the best choice for this position. She was granted Moderator status, and later Super Moderator status, alongside HaloOfTheSun.

Eventually her activity had declined somewhat, mostly only posting in the Creativity Outlet and Video Games forum. For a while, she was a regular in IRC.

Departures & Returns

Yossy left RMRK, apparently permanently, in February 2007. The exact reasons are unknown, but on December 3, 2007, to everyone's surprise, she suddenly started posting once again. If her return is permanent is not yet known, but she seems to be leaning towards staying. She has also said that she will post a topic explaining her internet whereabouts as well as why she left.

Upon her initial returning on that day, she was surprised that so many people still remembered her. This is due to so many members of her era still being around, as well as the fact that she was such a prominent member then that she was not easily forgotten, like many RMRK veterans.

She stopped posting again in the Summer of 2008 and has remained inactive since.


Arguably the nicest member in RMRK's history. Her sense of humor was unique, adding to the many reasons why she was so popular. She was also one of the more creative members, as her RPG Maker projects and drawings were always well received.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

Yossy is no longer active, but most of her posts were in Forum Games, Video Games and Projects.


Yossy gets involved very little in forum drama, often just not posting in a heated discussion at all. This characteristic adds to the high popularity she already possesses.

However, it is often said that her reputation at the forum is mainly due to the fact she is female, and has caused a few small debates.

2006 RMRK Awards

Yossy was nominated in the following categories:

Of those nominations, she came in 2nd for Best RPG Maker User (Technical), and placed 1st in Best RPG Maker User (Creativity), Best RPG Maker User (Graphical), tied for 1st with Silverline in Kindest Member, and tied for 1st place with HaloOfTheSun in Most Artistic Member.

2007 RMRK Awards

Yossy was nominated in the following categories:

Yossy placed 3rd in both the Best Artist Category and the Most Missed Member category

2008 RMRK Awards

Yossy was nominated in the following categories:

Yossy took 1st place as Most Missed Member, and Most Attractive Female Member. She also tied with NAMKCOR, Nessiah, and Emidy for 3rd place in the Best Artist category.

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