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Yami's current avatar.


  • Join Date: January 12, 2007
  • Aliases: Yami, Wakakakaka
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  • One of the "senior" members. (Senior meaning he has been on RMRK for at least a year.)

Although Yami hasn't been at RMRK for very long, she has become popular among senior members very quickly, mostly due to her helpful nature towards RPG Maker newbies, and her cute sense of humor and art.

As of today, she's only been at the forums for 1 month (exactly 1 month), and she has started her own competition, wherein members competed for a spot as a main character in her RPG Maker game. Every member that enters gets a spot, however (which is cool), and the higher they place, the bigger their role is.


If there is anyone that could be considered "too nice", Yami would be it. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it's nice to have someone so helpful around the forums. This, combined with her sense of humor and artistic talent, has led some members to consider her a replacement for Yossy, and when Yami first joined, a few were even suspicious that she was Yossy, as they have many striking similarities.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

Yami most commonly posts in RPG Maker 2000, 2003, & XP Discussion and Tutorials.She is more active in IRC however, much to the enjoyment of Silverline, GilgameshRO, HaloOfTheSun, and PottBott.

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