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Aliases Ayeraw, Alex
Position(s) Newbie Rpg Maker
Join Date August 24, 2009
Member ID 8434
Status IRC only
RMRK Member


Wareya joined RMRK in 2009 after being referred by Irock, whom he knew from the Stencyl community. The two were planning a game at the time, Left Byte, so his first post on the forums was regarding two music tracks Irock composed for said game.

He made his presence known to RMRK regulars when he started participating in IRC shortly after joining. There, he actively conversed with other members.

Not even two weeks after joining, he was already getting into arguments with IRC-goers. The first argument started with him repeatedly claiming he could solve "x/0". After the argument started, he claimed that he has to have a college professor teach him math, based on his IEP, despite the fact that he was only 14 at the time. That argument somehow lead to Wareya citing all the programming languages he knows. After several people were obviously upset, Wareya announced that he was trolling, which lead to an argument with a raging Firerain as to whether or not he successfully trolled anyone.


He's capable of getting along with other members, but many have found him to be annoying. Wareya has claimed to be autistic several times in the past, but then later claimed that he was actually trolling and isn't autistic at all.

Community Involvement

With only a handful of posts on the forums, the large majority of Wareya's activity is in IRC.

He did enter the Game in a Week: V competition, but didn't finish his project.

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