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Everything from the next generation consoles, the retro, to the modern day. Including reviews, recommendations, contests, and chat.

The Video Games forum has been around since the beginning. The title of the forum is fairly self explanatory.

Discussion in the forum is steady, and the forum rarely requires moderation, unless a particular argument (usually on which system or game out of a selection is better) gets out of hand. Coincidently, the forum is under strict moderation by arrowone for just this sort of thing. Lately there have been a lot of arguments of which is better: the Nintendo Wii, the X-Box 360, or Playstation 3. There has also been an emerging of numerous Halo 3 bashing threads. arrowone has recently stated in a stickied topic, "If I catch even one bitter comment on how "this console sucks" or "only morons play Halo 3", I'm locking the topic I see it in. I don't care if you were joking," He has indeed been enforcing this rule.