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The Tutorials & Eventing Help board is where RMRK holds information regarding the use of the various RM engines, how to work them, and how to get the most from them. Also contained here are the Event Systems for VXA, VX and XP, completed plug-and-play event systems which add dimension to games without the use of scripts.

Divisions of the Board

The Tutorials & Eventing Help board is further divided into several smaller forums.

Tutorials Database

Here the compiled knowledge of 6 years of RM use has been put into its own board. This board contains tutorials for many different procedures for all RM engines. Some tutorials are general, while others are complex and are intended for advanced users.

RMVXA Event Database

The 2012 release of RMVXAce in Japanese has not deterred some advanced users to get a jump on the creation of event systems for this maker. They can be found here. While still a small section, it is likely to grow over the next few months, especially after the release of VXA in English.

RMVX Event Systems

Completed and tested event systems for the RMVX engine are in this board, most of which are intended to be copied from included demo games included in their postings.

RMXP Event Systems

Similar to the previous boards, this section houses event systems for the RMXP system.

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