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  • Join date: June 10, 2005
  • Age: 15
  • Position:
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  • Aliases: Tsunokiette, Tsuno, Tsunicorn Fish
  • One of the "senior" members. (Senior meaning he has been on RMRK for at least a year.)

Other than Silverline and EVAProject01, Tsunokiette has been a member of RMRK longer than any of the other active members. Even in his earliest days as a member, he tried to help others with RPG Maker, and later became known around the forum as a scripter.

As of late, he has started to learn composing, and can still be seen helping out new members with their RPG Maker troubles.

He accepted a moderator position on Feb. 11/12, 2007.


Although he is 15 years old, he is still fairly mature for his age.. This, of course, doesn't mean he's afraid by any means to act silly, as is most commonly seen of him in the Spam forum.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

Mostly Tsunokiette can be seen posting in RPG Maker related forums, suchs as Scripts and Troubleshooting, but is also active in discussions in Intelligent Debate, General Chat, and will sometimes share his art and musical compositions in Creativity Outlet.


As a devout Christian, Tsunokiette isn't afraid to defend his religion when it is put into question, as is most commonly seen in debates in Intelligent Debate.

On a lighter note, the only other drama he participates in is usually when the forum members as a whole are condemning another hated member for actions such as stealing others' work, or threatening outrageous legal actions upon the forums.

2006 RMRK Awards

Tsunokiette was nominated in the following categories:

In Kindest Member, he tied with Nouman fro 2nd place, and won 1st place in Biggest Member Moderator. He tied with Silverline for 1st place in Thread of the Year.

2007 RMRK Awards

Tsunokiette was nominated in the following categories:

Tsuno came in 2nd in Best RPG Maker User (technical) (tied with Modern algebra and shaz)

RMRK Buddy List

Members in Tsunokiette's buddy list are:

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