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The Troubleshooting Board (officially named Program Troubleshooting) is the place to ask questions and seek help regarding the use of an RM's functions what to do if something goes wrong. This board is NOT for help concerning scripts or events. It is strongly reccomended to use the search bar before posting in this board.

What to Post in Troubleshooting

Technical difficulties are the most common and appropriate subject in this board, with problems like maximum filesizes and why all your tiles are suddenly passable being the topics of discussion. Normally the issue can be resolved within a few posts, but occasionally an RMRK veterean has to step in and really get deep into the matter.

Questions and problems regarding RM errors are properly placed here. The issue with running RMVX on Vista, for example, is adressed in this board. In fact, it's so common a problem that the topic was stickied, as are any topics that arise with frequency.

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