Theme Month: DIDNEY WORL

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In April of 2012, Acolyte decided to do another theme month for May (even though she started it in April). The theme this time was for members to have animated .gif avatars of Disney characters. Acolyte was kind enough to create most of the avatars for the members that participated. Below is a list of participants:

List of Members Participating
AcolyteClopinThe Hunchback of Notre Dame
ahrefTodThe Fox and the Hound
Dr. McFlynn RiderTangled
Dr. SwordJafarAladdin
FallFromEdenKuzcoThe Emperor's New Groove
HaloOfTheSunTrampLady and the Tramp
Harry BurnsKing LouieThe Jungle Book
IAMFORTEPleakyLilo & Stitch
jomarcenterCaptain HookPeter Pan
joyDr. FacilierThe Princess and the Frog
LethrfaceDarkwing DuckDarkwing Duck
MalsonBerliozThe Aristocats
PacmanRafikiThe Lion King
SkankerEsmereldaThe Hunchback of Notre Dame
Strike_ReyhiKronkThe Emperor's New Groove
Sunny MilkStitchLilo & Stitch
TezukaPumbaaThe Lion King
threeofspadesLadyLady and the Tramp
yuyubabeGastonBeauty & the Beast
ZylosSimbaThe Lion King