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This was a thread created by Zypher after Naphe was banned. Its full title is "Bored and looking for entertainment? Then check out 'The Legacy Of Naphe.'" Zypher's first post was a compilation of links to topics Naphe posted in, that shaped him to be the legend he was later. Some of the links in the beginning show Naphe being helpful, but as the reader progress through them, they quickly learn that Naphe is actually a liar and quite egotistical.

The Beginning

In the first link, IP Ban, arrowone is looking for assistance to set up an IP ban for an online game in RMXP. Naphe successfully helped arrow, and nothing more happened. As Zypher has stated, "It could be argued that in doing so he was only showing how much smarter he is than everyone else to have to help them. However, there's no way to conclude such a claim, and so debate may still continue over it."

Next, Bloods the Hedgehog is seeking assistance in RPG Maker as well. Naphe responds to his problem with what sounds like it could have been helpful, but ultimately means nothing. When Bloods asks him to help further, he is left without a response. The topic can be viewed here.

Then we have Blizzard helping out member Marlune in the topic (Request)Battle Ending. Blizzard successfully solves the problem, yet Naphe then proceeds to post anyway. His post is a much drawn out one, and even though Blizzard's was short and to the point, Naphe didn't feel it was good enough.

In the poorly titled topic, Don't click here!, a member was looking for help, once again, in RPG Maker. After the problem was solved by HaloOfTheSun, Naphe stepped in saying "Finally yes there is a way to have more sections, I'm working on finding a way how to do that right now.", implying before his method, there was no other way to do this, and he solely created it.

Naphe now begins to let his ego shine through. Once again Naphe tries to help Bloods in the topic 2D. This time he actually does prove helpful, and when Bloods the Hedgehog thanks him, Naphe replies "I'm always right, it's just that way."

Aerion Online

Perhaps the Naphe's official game topic, AO: Entwinement Of Spirits (ScreenShots Provided)(ONLINE!), was where Naphe sealed his fate. Here Naphe makes such hugely ridiculous claims, as "I currently have a state of the art game with the best graphics in the world, *according to square enix*..." and "I require a highly costly $16,000 server to run this baby...".

He also goes on in this first post to state "Though even though I've generally made RPG XP into an MMO compatible I'm still having as every game creator knows, problems." At the NetPlay Plus forums, it has been revealed that this statement by Naphe indicates he is claiming ownership of NetPlay Plus, as this is what Naphe used to make his game online compatible.

This post is also famous for his "screenshots":

"Screenshots Of The Original Macintosh Version Of Aerion Online: Entwinement Of Spirits "

There are several problems here. First and foremost, he is claiming these are actual screenshots from his game, even though they are obviously 3D rendered. Secondly he is claiming they're from the Macintosh version of his game, which is an obvious lie, as he has never linked to said game even when asked for proof.

Later in this topic he goes on to post screenshots of his RPG Maker game, which were far less than average. It was often brought up that if Naphe was so great at making professional games, and if he had ties to SquareEnix and Namco/Bandai, then why couldn't he handle a program as simple as RPG Maker?

He has also since hilariously claimed this game will be in 4D.

More Nonsense

Here, in Blizzard's topic, Naphe posts telling Blizzard that if he is going to use ripped resources for his game, he must give credit to everyone. Actually, Naphe said it about twenty times longer than that, but as we have seen, he tends to do that. Spelling errors and poorly structured sentences abound in this one post! This is also the beginning of Naphe showing off his "knowledge" of the legal system, as well as the beginning of his false and ridiculous threats. This is shown when GilgameshRO pointed out how unnecessary Naphe's post was. Naphe responded to Gilga by saying "I'm just pointing it out, and you shouldn't go about harrassing someone for a simple 'opinion', you might not know what will happen."

Next is a but a footnote in the Legacy, but it is worthy of mentioning still. In Naphe's Scrap Shop, he shows off his "custom" resources, which in actuality are only recolored edits of the RTP graphics. He also shows unrelated images that were supposedly in his Aerion Online game. Most of these images were shown in his previous Aerion Online topic, but there are others here as well.

In the [Password] topic, deadly_diablo gives an excellent explanation on how to do what the topic starter asks. Naphe, for once, posts one line saying what deadly_diablo has already stated. After the topic starte says he prefers the way DD explained it, Naphe replies by saying "I made a tutorial on how to PROPERLY do this.", even though diablo's method worked perfectly. Naphe never showed the tutorial he allegedly made.

Moving on, Zeriab successfully solved another member's problem. Naphe stops by anyway, sounding irritated that the author couldn't figure it out on his own and proceeds to create a topic in Tutorials on how to do what was asked. The topic can be found here.

Afterwards, hackysackpyro needed help with RPG Maker. Naphe tried to help him in a separate topic, but since what he suggested obviously didn't work, he just gets mad here, stating "Well, we can't help you if your not WILLING to try, I'm sorry I've even gone out of my way to give you a WORKING suggestion, but it seems you don't want to remedy this problem quite yet." It's obvious that Naphe can't stand to be wrong from this simple post.

RPG Maker Vista

Here is one of the highlights of the Legacy. Really, it's where the rest of the non-RPG maker users are made aware of Naphe. In it, Naphe starts out by claiming he has seen beta screens of RPG Maker Vista already. When he does post these images, it is proven by Tsunokiette to have been RPG Maker 3, for Playstation 2. He later gets into a dispute with DeathTrooper over computers, saying "Though you would be suprised how much more I know about computers then you could ever hope to comprehend." He also, as he'll do many times in the future, brings his Aerion Online project up, by stating again "I made the best graphical game making program, that currently supprasses current video card technology!" This time, though, if one really pays attention to what Naphe is saying here, he lets the cat out of the bag. Anyone who read this would have known he is a liar, as this time he states he made a game making program, whereas before he claimed to have only made a game.

Naphe's Obsession With Invisionfree

When Naphe advertised his Aerion Online site, which turned out to just be forums on invisionfree, not surprisingly, he didn't get a single response. That is, until ten days later, when Zypher posted. Naphe only replied moments later with his martyr message that he had been spreading around the forum. The topic can be viewed here.

Naphe also posts an advertisement for his Unity Series site, claiming it to be However, clicking the link will lead directly to yet another invisionfree forum. Not much happens in this topic, except for Dalton pointing out how misleading his advertisement is, and Silverline pointing out how hard it is to read text and how it's just another invisionfree forum.

This is also the site where some RMRK members joined, and when they found out what Naphe was really like, requested he delete their accounts, so as not to be associated with him any further. Naphe refused.

The Aerion Online... Card Game!?

In his topic about which color to use for the back of his cards for his card game, Silverline points out how ridiculous it was that Naphe put a copyright logo next to the designs, as if he were a corporation, or even actually had them copyrighted. Naphe doesn't respond for once, and rather than post his martyr message, simply moves the topic to the Trash.

Lesbians, Game Makers, and Adolescence

Zypher had to make a topic on a dare, claiming he was a lesbian. Naphe, rather than just using logic and thinking it was a joke, or being gullible and believing it to be true, went with the obvious choice to believe someone had hacked Zypher's account and was posting for him. He claimed that if it wasn't Zypher, then he would notify the authorities. Even if the account had been hacked, this was an incredibly ridiculous thing to say.

Naphe next introduces the RMRK community to Realmcrafter, a 3D game making program, stating arrogantly "This is not a tool for people seeking to make childish games." In this topic, arlen finally gets in on pointing out Naphe's faults. His and Silverline's posts are of notable mention here.

Nearing the end, we have a topic Tezuka made on girl troubles. It is debatable that Naphe seems more egotistical here than ever before.

The Climax

Now we make it to the last topic, the greatest one in the legacy. In this, the Petition to ban Naphe so he can't come back thread, created by arlenreyb, nearly everyone gets a shot at Naphe. If you are to ever read anything about Naphe, this topic should be it.

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