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Sometime in mid 2005, the members at RMRK (then still, were interested in creating an RPG Maker game as a group. This started out fairly successfully, and shortly The Dark Masters guild was formed, and had it's own board at the forums. A board for discussion on the guilds was even created.

Since the Dark Masters forum was private access (you had to be accepted to view it), this meant someone had to be appointed leader, and allow members accepted that access. Since pegasusgamer2005 was already a moderator, it seemed appropriate he be appointed leader of the guild.

About two months after the guild had been started, the idea came about to create another guild, and have the two compete to create the best RPG Maker game. Most everyone thought this was a good idea, and so The Soft Souls guild was created.

This caused a small problem though, as neosiris had gone inactive and there were no other mods at the time. Crankeye had to appoint the elected leader of The Soft Souls, Cloud Master (who later changed his name to Lord Cloud), as a moderator of only his guild's forum.

It was later found out, however, that Cloud Master had also joined The Dark Masters, and was then removed from both guilds, and Wouter was elected to take his place as leader of The Soft Souls.

Decline in Activity

Around November of 2005, The Soft Souls guild was suffering from lack of members, and inactivity from those members already a part of it. The Dark Masters will still making progress, but very slowly. It became common knowledge to the rest of the forums that The Soft Souls were barely doing anything, and it was often said it was pointless to keep going.

Members of The Soft Souls often claimed this was due to the second guild being created so long after the first, and that both guilds should be started over.

This began the debate over whether the guilds should be started over completely, just be turned into one guild like originally planned, or just gotten rid of completely. This was debated over until The Dark Masters finally became inactive in December, and Crankeye decided to remove the guilds completely. This was also the time the board for Login and Registration Problems was removed, due to lack of use, and trouble with Guest spammers such as Ermacrules32.

Possible Reopening?

Every now and then members will bring the guilds back up, suggesting they be opened again. This is discussed and then usually disregarded. Many view this is a great idea, worth trying out again; while others say it would simply decline again. There is no right or wrong answer in this case. The original decline seems to be due to the fact that the most active members joined one guild while the other remained somewhat in-active.

The question still remains - "Will the Guilds ever be opened back up?" Probably not. If history teaches us anything, it is that the mass will join one, creating the same problem.

However, recently RMRK has been obtaining more and more members. Many of which are talented in their own regards; there is still the chance of the guilds opening again. Only time will tell.

Grand Reopening

On April 4th, 2008, HaloOfTheSun felt that RMRK's RPG making section had become active enough to give the guilds another shot, and proposed to reopen the guilds again with entirely new teams. His proposal was met with generally positive feedback, and within a few days more than 20 members had signed up to participate in the guilds.

To avoid having a mass of the members join only one guild and leave the other guild nearly memberless, two participants were chosen to be Guild Leaders and allowed to select who they wanted on their team by taking turns and picking who they wanted on their team. The two Guild Leaders were Nouman for Guild A (Gold Team), and Falcon for Guild B (B.A.G., Badass Awesome Guild).

Despite initial progress, both projects were eventually abandoned and, unfortunately, the guilds had failed once again.

Guild Forums

During the original run, four boards were created for guild purposes:

Main Hall: This contained a FAQ and information on the two guilds for members to decide on whether they wanted to join, and which one they wanted to join.

Ideas Ideas Ideas...: Dedicated solely for members with ideas on how to improve the guilds.

Guild 1 - The Dark Masters]]: Forum (with subforums for each group added later) for The Dark Masters only.

Guild 2 - The Soft Souls]]: Forum for The Soft Souls only.

After the reopening in 2008, the only publicly visible forum was Main Hall, where members could sign up for the guilds, ask any questions, find out important information. The guilds themselves could also use it for posting teasers and demos, as well as trash talking.

A Private Guild Leaders Hut exists, only viewable by Admins and Super Admins and guild leaders. The primary function for this was for choosing teams.

The individual guild boards are only viewable by Super Admins and Admins, as well as the respective guild members (i.e. Gold Team cannot view BAG's forum, and vice versa). Gold Team chose for subforums and currently have The Easel (for all artwork), Writers' Room (for all story ideas), The Machinery (for scripts), The Concert Hall (for music), and The Junkyard (which is currently being used for spam, but will probably be used for maps later). The only subforum BAG has is Malson's Voting Booth, used for taking votes on certain aspects of the project.

The Dark Masters

Since this guild was created first, it tended to get most of the members. Some of the members included were:


It was decided that the best way to organize everything would be to create subforums for each group (Writing, Music, Resources, Scripting, Mapping, and one for tutorials to help newbies at RPG Maker.), and then to have a leader for each group.

  • Writing Group Leader: Gameshrk90
    • Other Members: Zxmelee, Ramiro, deadly_diablo
  • Music Group Leader: HaloOfTheSun
  • Resources Group Leader: pegasusgamer2005
    • Other Members: gongo3090, Ramiro, mangadude5760
  • Scripting Group Leader: SiR_VaIlHoR
    • Other Members: Tsunokiette, rikkuholic
  • Mapping Group Leader: sepiroth666

Each leader was given the freedom to design tests each member had to pass in order to get into the group. Those that didn't pass, or those that hadn't taken any tests yet were put into "The Farm", and weren't allowed to help in any aspects of the game. This was done to ensure that members who didn't do anything didn't get credit once the project was completed. It was irrelevant, though,as it was never finished.

The Soft Souls

Members seldom joined this guild, as The Dark Masters already had most of the talented members. This isn't to say there wasn't some talent here! They still had a chance, although they were plagued with members who weren't active enough to complete anything, including their leader, Wouter. Members of this guild included:

They weren't as organized as The Dark Masters, and so groups weren't used here.

New Guilds

Gold Team

BAG (Badass Awesome Guild)

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