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  • Join Date: August 3, 2005
  • Aliases: TheRotS, Assaf
  • One of the "senior" members. (Senior meaning he has been on RMRK for at least a year.)

TheRotS (which stands for The Replacement of the Satan) was one of the most active members back in the days when he still posted, although he wasn't active for long. He only continued posting until about a month before the forums went down.

He was a huge reason for all the spam in the forums, often causing other members to join in, and he was often hailed as a "good" spammer, because he was a bit more creative than others, and many found him entertaining. Others saw it as annoying, however, and constantly hounded him on this. He continued spamming anyway, claiming his goal was to have more posts than Crankeye, who, at the time, had the most posts in the forums.

His posts weren't all spam, however. He did attempt a few RPG Maker projects, and helped out with resources and the like.

Eventually he left, continuing to post at pegasusgamer2005's site, along with other older members who left the community, such as sepiroth666 and Traverse.


As said earlier, he was a big spammer, and which was one of the main reasons more mods were needed. However, he never got into any flame wars, and was generally a nice guy.

Community Involvement

TheRotS was involved in The Dark Masters guild, although didn't do much of anything except design the sig for The Farm.

Assaf gained an incredible amount of posts in a short amount of time.


TheRotS is the source of LOPL being banned on Crankeye. When a mod asked TheRotS what LOPL meant, and he replied with LAUGH OUT PENIS LOUD, Crankeye filtered the word. Of course in the modern forums penis is the most used word. So LOPL is no longer filtered.

Forum Activity

As stated previously, a large quantity of TheRotS' posts were in Spam, and a few in Resources General Chat, and Video Games.

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