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Aliases Kebin, Stubblefield
Position(s) Advanced Rpg Maker
Join Date 17 March 2008
Member ID 5679
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Starfyre joined RMRK early on and quickly gained a rise in popularity, mostly due to him joining the IRC channel. He was quickly given Extra Access. He has unfortunately fallen to inactivity and hasn't been around anymore.


  • For a while it was cool to make fun of him because of his last name, Stubblefield.
  • He can't seem to decide on a name, since people will probably make fun of it

Starfyre rarely posts on the forums, his posts per day are a measly 0.5. He is known for short, abrasive posts. Sometimes they only contain a smiley that isn't even recognized by the forums.

Forum Activity

Starfyre mostly posted in The Sewers and Community. He's also an avid reader of Video Games. Starfyre was a writer for the The Guilds.

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