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Spam (which is commonly said to be any "Stupid Pointless and Annoying Message") is generally considered anything off-topic or in no contributing to the topic. An example of this would be:

  • Person A: I wrote this story, tell me what you think of it.
  • Person B: Nice job, I liked it a lot.
  • Person C: Hey Person B, why haven't you been on MSN lately?

Not the best example, but you should get the idea.

Users at the forums are encouraged in this instance to send these sorts of message via PM, or in some cases a staff member will just delete the message entirely, or split the spam from the topic and move it to the Spam forum, where this kind of posting is accepted.

Now that RMRK has several moderators, topics aren't as full of spam as they used to be. The rules there are of course, light, and so some is expected, but it's not as bad as it was in version 2, which at the time was often referred to as the Spam Crisis.

Past And Present Spammers

Some members just have a knack for spamming, and no matter how many times they're warned, they continue to do so. This isn't always in defiance, rather it's just in their nature. Some of these members are:

Note: Ermacrules32 never actually became a member. Also, even though he isn't now, at one time deadly_diablo was responsilbe for a lot of spamming back in the early days of Crankeye's. He definately made an effort, and was one of the main forces in stopping the spam later on.