Spam Crisis

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In RMRK's history, there was really only one time the spamming got to a point of chaos. This happened in version 2.

The Spam Crisis, as it is commonly called, happened due mostly to Crankeye's inactivity, as well as neosiris' inactivity. Since they were the only staff members at the time, no one was able to delete spam posts or ban any troublemakers. After a bit, pegasusgamer2005 was appointed mod, but it still wasn't enough. Crankeye then appointed dwarra mod of RPG Maker 2000, 2003, & XP Discussion and Troubleshooting, HaloOfTheSun mod of Resources and Projects/Games and therophster mod of General Chat, as those were the forums with the most trouble.

Still, pegasus wasn't very active at that point, and spam continued to spread over other areas of the forum. Members like Blaze and blueXx were constantly flaming, and other members, Inaru in particular, felt there wasn't enough moderation, or that the current staff just wasn't competent enough. She suggested that she should be a moderator, and thus started a poll on who should be the next global moderator. The discussion was discouraged by the current mods, feeling that Crankeye would appoint another mod if he felt it was necessary, but still it went on anyway.

When he came back the next time, he immediately locked that particular topic (one can assume he was barraged with numerous PM's about the spam and that thread.) and made Silverline, Halo, and dwarra global mods. With the three of them now with power of all the boards, the spam and flaming were quickly brought under control.