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The first version of this board was called Spam. The Spam forum has been around since the beginning. Originally, it was the forum where all locked topics went, and spam from topics were split and put into here. Also, it was to be used as the place to test out your signature and avatar.

Some members however thought the Spam forum meant you were allowed to just post whatever silly thing you wanted to, and often was filled with topics that were incredibly stupid and poinltess, and often posts consisted of nothing more than "Chicken!" and the like.

Later, some topics started to be interesting and funny. It then became viewed as another board to post in, rather than a trash bin. Randomness ensued, and the post count of the Spam board skyrocketed.

Many of the members agreed most of the best topics were contained within there.


Later, it was renamed to The Sewers, as to reflect what it had really become: a forum containing rude and offensive topics, as well as hilariously stupid topics. Several child boards over RMRK's history would be found here and later moved to the archives. Some of these include Anonymous, lol, Nightwolf Kingdom, BamisherOfEden Kingdom, Off-Topic and ???????????.

It should be noted, however, that members shouldn't take everything too seriously in The Sewers or its subforums. This seems to cause a bit of drama every now and then, as someone tends to come along and not know how to properly act.


People you are most likely to see in The Sewers are: