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  • Join Date: June 27, 2005
  • Aliases: gongo3090, Gongo, Soul
  • One of the "senior" members. (Senior meaning he has been on RMRK for at least a year.)

As most members who first join the forums, gongo posted in his early days almost exclusively in the RPG Maker area and Forum Games. During his entire time there, he was very active in the RPG Maker community, often starting projects that, of course, were never finished, and helping others out with their games.

Sometime in August gongo3090's cousin (or rather, as he wanted us to believe it was his cousin) made a topic in the Welcome forum claiming that the real gongo had just died recently, and his last wish was for his cousin to tell everyone at the forums, and to continue posting for him. Surprisingly, members such as Gameshrk90 and TheRotS believed this to be true. Others saw this for what it was: a complete lie. Unfortunately, the topic no longer exists, so the exact dates are unknown, and exactly how this was found out to be false is unknown as well. There are still several posts that exist still to prove as evidence to this.

Many members claimed it was obvious he faked his death because no one in their right mind would care if an online community knew about their death, let alone have someone continue in their name.

This all happened in a time when the forums were more calm, so things moved on as normal, and gongo continued to post. It is no doubt had this happened today, he would have been laughed out of the forums.

Gongo started getting into arguments later on with many members, especially blueXx, Blaze, and ArkBenett.

He later changed his name to Soul, came back for a short time, and hasn't been back since.


Soul could be fairly nice at times, his problem was just that he had a short fuse. He would often get himself into trouble with other members by misinterpreting things and then blowing up on them, in a way much similar to Blaze.

Community Involvement

Gongo was a member of The Dark Masters Guild, as a resources gatherer and creator.

Forum Activity

Many of Soul's posts were in Forum Games, and he would commonly post in Projects/Games.


The forum was pretty divided on their opinion of Soul. Several members disliked him, several did like him, and there were still, at the time of his activity, many users who didn't know who he was. If you had said to those users in particular "The guy that faked his death." or "The guy that types horribly.", then they'd probably know who you were talking about.

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