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  • Join Date: February 18, 2005
  • One of the "senior" members. (Senior meaning he has been on RMRK for at least a year.)

SiR VaIlHoR is remembered among veteran members for two things. One being the scripts and resources he created, and the other being him pretending to be a girl (in a fashion similar to Deliciously_Saucy pretending to be a boy, only SiR VaIlHoR never planned on revealing his true gender.).

In SiR VaIlHoR's most active time, he and Tsunokiette were the only decent scripters at RMRK, as that was back in the earlier days.

When blueXx joined, it wasn't long before they "ran into each other", so to speak, in a topic by someone looking for help with RPG Maker. Their opinions differed and led to a rather large (at the time) argument.

Eventually SiR VaIlHoR left, due to all the spamming and flaming, but was later talked into returning with TheRotS, Fiestin, and Wouter by Ramiro. Ironically all four stayed for a very short time, only to leave again.


Once everyone found out about him pretending to be female, it became hard to trust him, and is likely the main reason he left in the first place. Yet, he was still very helpful to users looking for solutions to problems in RPG Maker, and was generally one of the nicer members, except, of course, in the confronation with blueXx.

Community Involvement

SiR VaIlHoR was a member of The Dark Masters guild as a scripter, and was then appointed leader of the scripting group.

Forum Activity

Most of his time was spent in Scripts and Resources, and was a large contributor of scripts to the forum.


When he got into a heated discussion with blueXx, the topic became locked quickly by pegasusgamer2005, but blue continued to harass him in other topics, and even via Private Messages. SiR VaIlHoR notified dwarra of this, and it was discussed in the Private Mod Chat for a bit on how the situation should be handled, since at the time, moderators didn't have banning privelages. It wasn't long, however, before Crankeye was informed and blue was banned for 3 days.

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