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FuMannChu's current avatar.


  • Join date: October 03, 2005
  • Aliases: Thor's Bitch, FuMannChu, Fu, Volt Catfish, SBX, ___________________
  • Leaving Date: April 18, 2007
  • Return Date: April 6, 2008
  • One of the "senior" members. (Senior meaning he has been on RMRK for at least a year.)

Formerly one of the more popular members of the RMRK community, until towards the end of his time there. For a long time he was one of the few prominent members that still used RPG Maker. FuMannChu is known for one thing in particular, the ability to create fads. He is responible for such things as Shaft, Manly Crying, Port Wine, and many other Memes.

Ban History

Recently Fu had become a bit more immature than usual, and (for reasons not quite known) he and Jesus Hitler started teasing Zypher and more prominently Djangonator. It is speculated this is either due to Zypher and Djangonator's relationship, or that Djang didn't like Fu in return like that.

His spamming started to escalate, and eventually a Custom Title was given to him: Asking to be Banned. Before he actually was banned, though, he noticed this custom title, and most likely in an effort to avoid being banned, he created a topic claiming he should be banned for all he's been doing. His rep started plummeting and even went into the negatives. He pulled the classic move here by claiming this is what he really wants, and he wanted to have more negative rep than everyone by the end of the week.

Other members who still liked Fu posted in this topic telling him he could never be banned, either because he was too liked, and the forums would be dead without him, or that the staff wouldn't ever dare do that. In return, FuMannChu claimed he would start a spamming spree in order to get banned then. This consisted of posting images flaming Djangonator and various other offensive things. He then said he recommended being banned for a week, but HaloOfTheSun decided two weeks was best.

He has since tried to evade his ban with a proxy, but this was taken care of by Silverline.

He has recently been banned again due to flaming, although this time it was in self-defense, as can be seen here-[1] for 4 days. The ban was lifted, the next day however.


Although respected (and well-liked due to his sense of humour), he has come under criticism for his over abundance of sexuality. And is considered a flat out pervert by some. Also he is known for liking alcohol a little too much. He also has poor spelling and can't type his way out of a paper bag. He gets very defensive when called a fattyfattyfattyfatty, because he is sensitive about his fat.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

FuMannChu has been at RMRK for a little over a year and has recently hit his 2000th post. Also FuMannChu is the creative energy behind Ass Duckies Press. The site and FuMannChu go hand in hand. Although it is debatable how great of a resource "ADP" has been, some think it's a solid site and is very well done for a site hosted on Tripod. Ass Duckies Press has not gotten most of it's attention from the games and resources it has, but from the 'ADP Girl'. Often contests are held to pick the new ADP Girl. FuMannChu has as of late reduced the 'Spamvertising' of his brainchild, due to it gtting out of hand.


Also FuMannChu is a Devout Pagan. Possibly too devout as he can be preachy. He's often noted for saying such things as 'Hail Thor' or 'Thor is Great'.

2006 RMRK Awards

FuMannChu was nominated in the following categories:

He placed 3rd in Best RPG Maker User (Creativity), tied for 3rd with Blizzard Odin, Naphe, and DeathTrooper in Most Immature Member, tied for 3rd with Jesus Hitler and Angelic_Diablo in Best Username, ranked 2nd in Best Use of Avatar and Sig Space, and tied for 1st with GilgameshRO in Funniest Member.

2007 RMRK Awards

SexualBubblegumX was nominated in the following categories

SBGX placed 1st in Hero to Zero. He also placed 3rd in the Biggest Drama Whore category.

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