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Ryan "Ryosis" Harrison, 20, is considered by technicality to be a senior member. However, having made only 51 posts on all of RMRK at the time of this wiki's creation (averaging out at 0.072 per day - seriously), whether or not this title should be awarded to him is debatable at best. Nevertheless, he is well respected by those that know him, and is possibly one of the nicest people you will ever meet.
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Ryosis' Hello Kitty hoodie.



Ryosis was born Ryan Sean Harrison on 20 October 1989 to Laura and Travis Harrison. Growing up as the middle child in a family with five children, he had learned that he had no say in anything, and that people cared the least about him. Although he resented this during his youth, he eventually grew to appreciate his unique predicament as it helped to prepare him early on for the horrors of reality.

Early on, Ryosis displayed a passion for messing with things, particularly if the end result ended up being amusing. As he grew older, he began to create these sources of amusement rather than rebuild other things to accomplish a similar goal. This eventually led to his discovery of game development. It was the perfect field for him: slaving for hours, days, even weeks on end to finish something really, really cool was something he could dig.

Today, Ryosis is preparing to enter his third year of post-high school education. This is an important year for him as he will be transferring to a much larger university. He sees this as exciting, but intimidating all at once. He is majoring in Media Arts with a minor in Graphic Design, and hopes to get a job in the industry upon graduating.