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Aliases therophster, Silverline, Dr_Zeus, Silverlion, ◕ ◡ ◕, Roach, Paul
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Join Date April 16, 2005
Member ID 273
Status Active
RMRK Member

Roph is one of the two RMRK Forum Super Administrators. He is popular, and helps fellow members in many ways.


Roph first joined RMRK under the name of therophster. At first he was fairly quiet and only posted when he encountered problems with RPG Maker, asking for help. He also offered to make music for people, though after a while stopped doing it.

Roph became a fairly active member. He eventually abandoned his game project, Short Story, though decided to stick around at the forums since he had become quite acquainted with a few members. Once the forum's popularity grew and the spam/flaming troubles escalated, he was chosen to become a moderator alongside dwarra, Pegasusgamer2005 and HaloOfTheSun. As time continued, he "worked his way up" and eventually became a global moderator, wheras previously he had only been a mod of the General_Chat forum.

Shortly after, RMRK started to go under change. Member levels and posting rate grew exopentially. Thanks in part to the work of the moderators and also a few bans on particularly troublesome people, RMRK had become a more inviting place. RMRK was converted from phpBB over to SMF by Crankeye, and lasted for a while in this state, though began to experience occasional downtime. Many members also reported and complained about the site's slowing loading times. This was a result of's increasing popularity. In july, the site went down entirely, due to a bandwidth overage. Roph used the domain he'd bought to put up a temporary page with any news he had, until the forums came back online after a few days. This, however, only lasted a short while, and eventually the site went down completely.

When this happened, Roph opened up a forum on for people to post in whilst the main site and forums were down. This proved popular, and the forums accumulated several thousand posts in only a few days.

During this downtime, Roph managed to contact Crankeye and offered to host his site and the forums, and by mid august, the site was back up. Roph now controls and pays for all the hosting of RMRK. In november, he bought a server for the purpose of running the RMRK forums on it. Later on in Janurary 07, & .org were both lost, though now they live on the same server as came about during a last ditch effort by Roph to keep everything alive. The forums were simply too popular for the shared hosting that they were on, and Roph was looking at suspension. Thus he moved them himself onto his dedicated server. Roph made himself an administrator in a "dirty" way, by manually editing the forum's database, in order to be able to reach the forum's control panel to fix various errors the forums were having (due to the move). When Crankeye next came online, he decided to keep Roph as an administrator.


Most people generally like Roph and enjoy his personality and also the way he manages RMRK. He is frequently the source of amusement in the IRC Channel also.

For a person of power, Roph is surprisingly submissive, and does not show a large ego or big-headed personality. He sometimes even appears to be opposite.

Roph is known for being helpful and also a big sharer. Aside from helping users with RMRK problems, he also frequently provides computer support to members, even planning out entire computer builds for others. A significant portion of his posts on the forums and in IRC are spent sharing random videos and images for the community to enjoy. Roph is also one of the largest contributors to RMRK Trading.

Roph's awesomeness represented mathematically

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Community Involvement

Forum Activity

He's the admin of the forum, he gets involved in member discussions.


Roph is an avid musician; most of his works can be found on his site. Roph also has intermediate knowledge of HTML/CSS, and also is learning PHP, mySQL & Javascript. This is arguably good for the forum; Roph occasionally modifies, upgrades or edits aspects of the forum himself. The 4 skins that the forum currently has are all made by him. The "postbit mod" now used on many SMF forums was originally written by Roph for RMRK.

Early on, Roph had an RPG Maker project called Short Story. It was never completed and no playable builds of the game are known to exist today.

RMRK Awards

2006 RMRK Awards
Best Chat Member1st
Best Use Of Avatar And Signature Space1st
Kindest Member1st (Tied with Yossy)
Most Artistic Member-
Thread Of The Year-
2007 RMRK Awards
Best Musician-
Best Use of Avatar and Signature Space1st
Best Veteran-
Favourite Staff Member2nd
Kindest Member-
Most Attractive Male Member2nd
Most Mature Member-
Most Boring Member3rd
2008 RMRK Awards
Avast Ye Merry Pirate-
Best Musician-
Best Use of Avatar and Signature Space2nd
Best Username3rd (Tied with Modern Algebra)
Best Veteran3rd
Favourite Staff Member2nd
Most Attractive Male Member2nd
Most Immature Member3rd
Most Mature Member-
Most Successful Troll-
2009 RMRK Awards
Avast Ye Merry Pirate Award1st
Best Chat Member-
Best Musician-
Best Use Of Avatar And Signature Space1st (Tied with Holk)
Favourite Staff Member-
Funniest Member-
Most Attractive Male-
Most Mature Member-
Most Successful Troll-
2010 RMRK Awards
Avast Ye Merry Pirate Award1st
Best IRC Chatterbox3rd (Tied with NAMKCOR)
Best Musician3rd
Best Use Of Avatar And Signature Space3rd (Tied with Zylos)
Best Veteran3rd (Tied with Holk)
Biggest Forum Couch Potato2nd
Favourite Staff Member2nd
Funniest Member-
Kindest Member2nd (Tied with Zeriab and Modern Algebra)
Most Attractive Male Member2nd
2011 RMRK Awards
Avast Ye Merry Pirate Award1st
Best Use Of Avatar And Signature Space2nd
Favourite Staff Member2nd (Tied with Zylos)
Most Unsung Member1st

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To be honest I wouldn't mind living with gilga, like as room mates. I'd make the money, I'd cook the meals, he'd laze around all day playing games <3

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