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  • Join Date: Unknown
  • Aliases: rikkuholic, Martin

Since he deleted his account, it is unknown when exactly he joined the forums, although it's safe to say it was mid to late 2005, in about September or October.

Most members who remember rikkuholic in his earlier days will remember him as the guy who would edit a few lines of a script and then try to pass it off as completely original. Somehow he avoided being completely hated right away, and continued on doing this for some time.

Life In The Guilds

He later joined The Dark Masters guild and tried to test for the scripting group and the music group. Since the scripting group was low on members, SiR_VaIlHoR let him in fairly easy. However, the music group already had more members than the other groups, and that many composers for one project was just unnecessary. So, at first, HaloOfTheSun wouldn't let him in, giving rikkuholic a failing grade on his test every time. Eventually he let rikku in anyway, so he would quit pestering, and by then it was obvious the guilds would fail and collapse soon anyway.

Defending... Blaze??

For a brief period of time after this, rikkuholic just became another member, and wasn't noticed until Blaze advertised his site. In this topic, thebodge suggested Blaze buy a "For Dummies" book, to help him with his site. Rikkuholic saw this as an insult to Blaze, figuring thebodge must be implying subtly that Blaze was a dummy. He took it upon himself to speak up in defense of Blaze (perhaps the first and last time this was done), by posting this and then spreading it around several topics:

"You know what? You are being a real asshole right now. i have a little list of things you do to slaughter people.

1. You never say constructive things, only focus on what's wrong, how bad the site is, etc.

2. You shouldn't even be here.

3. Like in my thread: "You're a thief. Directly rip of the ffshrine layout." bla bla bla, i needed something to base my site on while i was building it.

4. Also in my thread: "You used a drag and drop program wich means that everythings fake and not made by me, as it was made by my drag n drop program"

5. You're never nice to anybody else than your friends or peole you like.

6. You spam too much.

7. That link is just stupid and you should get a suspension for it, as it sets Blaze as a stupid person, wich he isn't even if he spams alot too.

8. Do me a favour and leave the poster board, or even better THE WHOLE FORUM!!!!

9. All you say might be insulting, or harassing wich the rules SAY YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO!!!

Thanks for your attention."

This began the feud between rikkuholic and thebodge, where both ended up being banned for a few days. The topic containing this post can be found here.

Which Witch is Which?

Once the forums moved over to SMF, rikku became active again, and decided to post a topic about his RPG Maker project, titled Witch. He failed to notice (or did he?) HaloOfTheSun had already started a project titled Witch several months earlier, and when he noticed Halo's topic, posted in it, telling Halo he had to rename his topic, because he had already started one with the same name, and he was stealing his idea. Once dwarra pointed out the date HaloOfTheSun's topic had been started, rikkuholic started to act like a baby.

Later dwarra locked rikkuholic's topic, as it didn't meet up with the standard rules at the time. Rikku assumed it was a prejiduce against him, and even when it was explained to him he didn't meet necessary requirements, he refused to listen. All he seemed to be concerned about was getting attention, rather than listening to reason.

He proceeded to post this topic in Spam, which said "Dwarra, I sent a PM to crank, telling him that you abused your powers so I deleted my account. For you others, goodbye." After he deleted his account, a ban was placed, to prevent him from returning.

The ban has since been lifted. If rikkuholic wanted to return, he could, although this is highly unlikely.


Rikkuholic had a way about him that's best described as "Naphe Light". He always seemed to think he was better than you, and could never be wrong. That is, until he was soon pointed out to be wrong. Usually he wouldn't admit to his mistakes, but there were times he could admit that he'd messed up. As disliked as he was, one has to at least give him credit for that.

Community Involvement

Other than trying to pass scripts off as his own, exploding over every little thing, and doing nothing in the guilds, rikkuholic basically was your standard member.

Forum Activity

He was most active in Scripts, Projects/Games, and the Poster Board.

2006 RMRK Awards

Rikkuholic was nominated in the following categories: