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The positive and negative rep are displayed, and plus and minus signs are used to give positive and negative rep respectively.

With the rep system, users with a certain amount of posts can give other users positive and negative rep. Regular members can only do this once to a single member every three hours, to prevent someone from increasing or decreasing one person's rep to a large degree. When first implemented on RMRK, only the sum number was displayed, instead of both positive and negative values.

Super Moderators and higher, not limited to the 3 hour wait period, are able to give positive and negative rep as much as they want, while admins have the ability to edit it to a specific number. They have been known to do this on a scale of hundreds, and even thousands.

Caring too much about rep

Throughout RMRK's history, countless people have been accused of caring too much about rep. When a member mentions or complains about their negative rep, they are usually ridiculed and though less of by others. Whether or not a person's rep matters is open to debate, but the general consensus amongst long time members is, it doesn't. It's been both used legitimately and not. If a user's negative rep reflects that they're legitimately disliked, then they shouldn't complain about it, but instead find out what they're doing wrong and try to better themselves.

Although most members who whine about their rep don't last on RMRK, a few veterans, such as Irock and Anski, have complained about their rep in the past but learned the error of their ways.