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  • Join date: July 18, 2007, 02:14:28 PM
  • Aliases: Redwyn, Kirk, AgentStarlightCalamity, Emperor Red Snapper
  • Position: Professional Spriter

Redwyn was originally just a shy character who hanged around RMRK as a guest. When Redwyn finally joined RMRK in mid-July 2007, he stayed for only one day before heading back into the shadows again. He came back about a month or two later to stay for good. He is known mainly for his good humor and his spriting ability, which he strives to slowly improve upon.


Redwyn can be a bit of a shy person sometimes, but everyone seems to love him. He is easy to get along with, and is generally on everyone's good side. He has lately started to open up a little and let his silly side out (silly in a good way :3). Unbeknownst to most members of RMRK, he is also a closet furry.

He is rumored to be a pedophile, but this has yet to be confirmed. Yet. <_<

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

Although Redwyn doesn't have a high post count, he is online quite often and seems pretty dedicated to the forums. Most of his posts can be found in The Sewers, Community, Forum Games, RMRK Trading, and Welcome. Lately his post count has started to pick up, but only members of the Gold Team are able to see them...

2008 RMRK Awards

Redwyn was nominated in the following categories:


Redwyn is generally a tame person who tries to stay out of all drama if possible. The only known exception to this is cjonlyyou; but cjonlyyou was the kind of person that you really couldn't help but to hate, so this brief change of demeanor was understandable.


Redwyn's past projects have unfortunately all found their way to the Abandoned Projects section, but he apparently has a secret project that he is confident about currently in the making. Only time will tell what kind of game it turns out to be...

Redwyn is also currently an excellent spriter on the Gold Team in the Guilds.

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  • "You say your not a cock sucker, but your mouth proves otherwise ;O"

  • "But I don't wanna sound like a pedo ;_;"


Due to his shy nature, quality pictures of him can be a bit scarce. If you happen to find a picture of Redwyn with his hands away from from his face and no miscellaneous objects blocking the view (such as a notebook or his hair), please put it in here. Many people would love to know what the enigma looks like.

RMRK Buddy List

Members in Redwyn's buddy list are:

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