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RPG Maker XP is the PC version in the RPG Maker series of programs developed and published by Enterbrain. It is the first PC version to be officially translated into English and released outside of Japan.RPG Maker XP integrates the Ruby programming language, allowing for greater flexibility of development compared to the purely command based system of its predecessors. As Ruby does not directly support graphics or audio, the Ruby Game Scripting System is included to provide an interface for these as well as basic data structures used by the editor. The program's EULA allows games to be sold.


This version is the first RPG Maker since RPG Maker 95 to feature a resolution of 640×480, compared to the 320×240 resolution of RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003. The program's resolution can be raised through the program's scripting system, though this requires modifying the RGSS.

RPG Maker XP uses graphic resources for title screens, game over screens, character sets, tile sets, transition effects, battle animations, battle icons, item icons, backgrounds, and window skins. New graphics can be created by users through image editing software. The program can accept virtually any graphics extension such as PNG, BMP, and JPEG. However, when using GIF animation images, a script must be input into the database for the animation to display, otherwise the image is inanimate.

The battle system for RPG Maker XP is by default first-person perspective and turn-based. Users may create new attack animations and import images to use for battle backgrounds. The battle system can be edited by the user, within the limits of the program, because it is scripted in the database using both RGSS and Ruby.

Characters are displayed in sets (named "Character Sets", or "Charsets"). Each animation is displayed in a square 1/4 the height and size of the file, which makes 4×4 = 16 animations for each charset.[2] The way their animation is designed gives them the illusion that they are actually walking.

RPG Maker XP comes with predefined classes and modules which are included in the Script Editor, but some of these are hidden: RPG, Audio, Graphics, Input, Tilemap, Table, Window, Sprite, Bitmap, Viewport, and Plane. Some of these hidden classes are available in the help file, found inside the program itself, but others cannot be accessed unless the program is altered.

In addition to the game related classes and modules, Ruby's own Win32API class is included allowing dramatic extensions by way of directly accessing the Windows API. An example of this is network support through the Winsock API.