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RMXP.org Index

RMXP.org is an RPG Maker centered discussion forum. Their community and RMRK were once considered rivals, though recently (due mostly to the change of administration), this has disappeared.



RMXP.org's community began on RMXP.net, in Mid-2004.

Their original forum system on rmxp.net was Invision Power Board, and the main administrator's name was Lord_Gradient. RMXP.org's now defunct wiki claimed that this was "one of the largest and most successful RMXP forums on the internet".

Move to RMXP.org

In mid to late 2005, Lord_Gradient disappeared from the forums, and nothing was heard for several months. The other forum administrators - Going by the names of Erk and ccoa, had no access to the server itself. They undoubtedly did what they could, but ultimately the forum began to deteriorate. Downtime became more frequent, and eventually the two admins decided to start their own replacement community. The domain name chosen was RMXP.org. This all finalized in 2006.

Some time after all of this happened, the original admin and founder, Lord_Gradient, showed up on the new community and explained his disappearance.

The site existed in this state for the better part of a year and a bit. Along the way they had troubles (RMXP.org eventually surpassed RMRK in size, yet still ran on a small shared hosting account), and moved to a server ran by the IRC network they used, Slacked.

It is during this "version" that RMXP.org came to be widely known in the RPG Maker site niche. This is also the period that introduced rivalry between RMRK and RMXP.org, the main cause of which was differences in opinion regarding censorship. On RMRK discussion of various things (notably piracy) is overlooked, yet merely discussing piracy there would result in a series of punishments.

Various times throughout this period, RMXP.org suffered errors, problems, and was the target of a handful of hack attempts. The most notable resulted in thousands of posts being lost.

New Administration

In 2007, RMXP.org was quickly finding itself going downhill. Erk hardly ever came online, ccoa demoted herself to retired moderator status and disappeared (presumably to take care of her family), and the current administrator - Cero - was rarely around. The moderators of the site struggled to keep things under control, though they could only do so much from their current positions. In addition, the bills for the server on Slacked had not been paid since the forum was moved over.

Near the end of the year, TREG, a rather infamous member of the site since the .net days, approached Erk and asked if he could buy the site. Erk expressed that he didn't mind, but he needed to ask ccoa if it was all right with her. Upon asking her, ccoa was unsure at first, but when TREG told her that Erk said it was fine on his end, she consented.

Rocky New Start

TREG actually becoming administrator of RMXP.org was anything but easy. When shadow (a member of Slacked and generally the person that keeps the site working) gave TREG his new position; Trickster, a moderator at the time, instantly banned TREG, believing it to be a hack, and showing a gross lack of communication on Erk and ccoa's part. This was corrected of course, and TREG made his announcement.

After TREG announced his new appointment (the post can still be seen here), a massive expression of dislike was shown on the forum by the way of members leaving, and in the IRC channel many people argued over someone that was previously looked down as a spammer being the new administrator of the site. In the end, many that had contributed to the site under Erk and ccoa left (though nearly all of them later returned), a few decided they would wait and see how TREG handled things, but a large majority of the members felt the change in administration did not affect them.

Changes started almost immediately, starting with the switch from vBulletin to Simple Machines Forum software, which severely decreased strain on the server. A change in the moderating staff followed soon after.

TREG Stole the Kingdom

Troubles that stem from people objecting to TREG having ownership and his choice of moderation team still persist today.

It is believed most of the drama started when Erk suddenly said that he never gave TREG permission to buy out RMXP.org. What followed was an extremely biased blog entry on ccoa's opinion of the take over, which can be found here. This only served as bait for people that continue to "worship" the two former administrators, who still protest against the new RMXP.org. This has been displayed on the forums through several fake accounts used to spam the boards, most of which were banned soon after they start.

Recently, a group calling themselves VigilantePunishment has also thrown it's weight into the equation. They like to think that no one knows who they are, when in reality it is a former member named Punkid, who had often been vocal against any sort of change on the forums, and a couple of this friends. They talk like Anonymous, and have a clear dislike toward everyone on the administration team. The RMXP.org administration does not take this group seriously, and sees them as nothing more but spammers. To display this, on April Fools 2008 the administration staged a fake take over of the website by VigilantePunishment, where all the mods and admins where fake banned except for one, who was to act as a traitor, while others made fake accounts to be part of the "Revolution". Members took the joke far too seriously however, and the joke was canceled. Later in the day, a different prank was staged with the help of Gaming World.

RMXP.org Today

RMXP.org today is a very successful website, quickly recovering from the hopeless pit it was falling toward. There are more active people on the website, and more resources are generated. More improvements are scheduled for the site, including a real RMXP.org website, as well as many special features for members and sponsors.

Current Relationship

There is now no real rivalry between RMRK.net and RMXP.org. Some of the current .org administration apologized (both to their own community, and outright everybody) for the actions of their predecessors.