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Over its course, RMRK has picked up or evolved a few commonly used memes or catchphrases. Some of them might only be recognised or acknowledged by a few members, though this just makes their use all the funnier when you get an educated response.

These are listed in no particular order, and if you are aware of something that is missing, feel free to update this page with it.


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 : Came into abundance as a result of the forums transitioning to SMF. While the emoticon is certainly not unique (it is, by default, contained in a variety of default smileys sets found around the internet), the term Shaft was coined by SexualBubblegumX, and stuck. It was used frequently to the point of it being spammed, though after a while it died off. It sees occasional use, though it's impact was hindered when Silverline changed it's "smiley code" from "shaft" to ":shaft:", rendering all previous uses of the smiley to simply say the word instead of showing the graphic.


Perhaps the most annoying ever, the LOPL reeked of n00bism, reflected by the member attributed with it's creation; TheRotS. It was undoubtedly originally a simple typing error, (P being adjacent to O), and the intended phrase was LOL. But, being the small minded spammers they were, a few people decided it was a stroke of genius and began to spam it everywhere frequently. This carried on to the point that Crankeye eventually set a wordfilter in place that changed LOPL/lopl back to LOL/lol.

Ctrl & Mousewheel

A few random examples (some of which take note of it's usage) [1][2] [3][4][5][6]

Port Wine

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 : Came about after FuMannChu's video he recorded after his breakup with his girlfriend. This happened on the .org, while the main site&forums were experiencing downtime. At the time the backup forum's background colour was a dark grey, and the smiley has kept it even though nowadays, on the real forums, it is seen mostly on a white or very light grey background. Understandably, it's most frequent user is FuMannChu. It's smiley code is ":pw:"

Manly Crying

Invented by FuMannChu personally, this is meant to represent crying for reasons other than sorrow, such as victory. Referring to manly crying can, and most likely will, evoke feelings of success, togetherness, and caring for anoter's pain.



dwarra has become an RMRK meme of sorts, as in almost every poll, he is included as an option. This almost always confuses new members, as they've never heard of dwarra. What is usually more odd is that if dwarra is included in a poll, it is usually voted for.


Originating from IRC, this silly nosensical phrase was basically spammed for a month. It got the channel in trouble also; due to advocates searching for and spamming other channels on the network with it. It was making it's way onto the forums, until Silverline added a wordfilter than replaced "UHN" with a single space. The wordfilter now seems to have gone, though nobody cares anymore.


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 : Created by Arrowone, this bean has started popping up in several posts in Spam. He continued to make other beans, and Deliciously_Saucy began making animated .gif versions. The popularity of their beans led to them being added as smilies on the forums. All the current official beans can be viewed here.


This is a meme that started from Zypher or someone, but Dr_Swordopolis loved it so much that he made it into a whole board, site and council over it. 7yay also has it's own memes, such as My Knife is Broken, There's a Snake in my Sentry and other stuff only Dr_Sword and EVAProject01 would know.

RMRK is going downhill

Close to the time SexualBubblegumX left for the first time, he began making posts about how RMRK wasn't as good as it used to be, and that it's going downhill. This spurred other members to satirize this by "claiming" RMRK is going downhill every time something stupid happened. Eventually other directions became involved. This meme was so overused it quickly became hated.


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 : Although a standard smiley on many forums, this has become a longstanding RMRK meme. HaloOfTheSun began using it prominently, even when not really mad, and many members soon followed, in particular Irock, yuyubabe, and Pacman. It even won Best Running Gag in the 2008 RMRK Awards.


This is more prominent in IRC than it was on RMRK. HaloOfTheSun coined it, saying he has a disorder that prevents him from meowing properly. Fellow members Skanker and threeofspades began to moew as well, in support of his condition.


Yet another meme started by HaloOfTheSun. This started out innocently (YUYUBABE PICKS HER NOSE! SPREAD IT!). This most commonly used variant of this meme is YUYUBABE IS A COUGAR! SPREAD IT!


Spawned by Roph and arlen in one of RMRK's greatest threads. The dog is not used often, but is always well-received.