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On March 3, 2007, Nightwolf announced he would be releasing weekly editions of an RMRK Magazine, which he would be putting together primarily, and with some help from anyone who wnated to take part. The idea was received very well, and it seemed that the project would, in fact, happen.

The idea stemmed from a mock interview with HaloOfTheSun in IRC, in which Nightwolf asked seemingly random questions, and Halo gave mostly non-serious answers. Nightwolf then said he was going to make a magazine for the forums, and the interview would be in it. And indeed, it was.

First Issue

Just six hours later, the first issue was completed, with some help from ataraxy2. 2 days later, it had already been downloaded 22 times, and seemed to be a hit, with several members offering help, such as Winged, HaloOfTheSun, Arrow-1, and Zypher.

The magazine itself contained miscellaneous information of goings on at RMRK, as well as a music review, car review, and a game review, and the aforementioned interview with Halo.


After being down, for Nightwolf was not motivated, now the RMRK Magazine is going to start again!! Members who are interested should contact Nightwolf.

Release Dates

  • 1. March 3, 2007
  • 2. March 7, 2007

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