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Projects/Games forum, viewed in the pink theme February 10th, 2007

The Projects/Games forum has been around since version 1, and originally was for members to post any games they were working on with RPG Maker, or to recruit help or share their ideas.


Once RMRK started offering support for Game Maker, the Projects/Games forum was renamed to RPG Maker Projects/Games. Similarly, the Game Maker section has a Game Maker Projects/Games.


It was often complained about that the Projects/Games forum was cluttered with topics about games that were never going to be finished, several topics for one game, and several topics by one member working on multiple games. Members had always suggested a separate forum for recruiting help for projects to at least remove a tiny bit of the clutter. dwarra even went as far as making a poll in General Chat claiming if enough people wanted it, he could get Crankeye to do this. This never happened until Forum Versions#version 4, though, due to Crankeye's inactivity then and from the fact people just stopped complaining about it.

New Rules

In recent months, the complaining was stirring up again, and moderators hated searching through every topic to see if it should be deleted or locked, so HaloOfTheSun asked Silverline for a New Projects forum, and a Team/Tester Recruitment forum was also created, as child boards for Projects/Games. All projects that didn't meet requirements were moved to New Projects, and all recruitment topics were moved to Team/Tester Recruitment.

Even more recently, when Halo got tired of moving pages upon pages of topics individually and having to read through them to make sure they weren't still active projects, he suggested an Abandoned Projects forum. All old and discontinued projects were moved there.


To get your project into the main forum (Projects/Games), your game must meet the following criteria (copied from Yossy's post):

  • 1.) Basic background info about the game. At least one paragraph dedicated to plot or story background. Also, please mention which maker is being used. This is also a good place to mention if your game boasts any unique features, such as a custom battle/menu/adventure/dialogue/etc. system.
  • 2.) Info of at least the main character. Remember that you're trying to make us interested in playing your game. The deeper the character information, the more we'll look forward to seeing them in the game.
  • 3.) SCREENSHOTS. In the very least, show us the title screen. If your game utilizes anything unique (see rule #1), show that to us as well. Screenshots are more informative if a short caption is included. For example, a screenshot of the overworld is more impressive if you include a caption of something along the lines of "The hero traverses the expansive plains of [insert kingdom name here]. This particular area has had some touble with monsters as of late..." Okay, you don't really have to say anything like that. I just know, from my experience, I am more interested in viewing screenshots that have can be interestingly described.
  • 4.) If your game uses unique resources or artwork, please give credit to the source. Too often, I see battlers or other resources that have been downloaded from another website, but no credit is given. This leads to future posts leaving comments such as "Omg ur such a gud artist!!!!111one" even though no art was actually created.
  • 5.) DEMO! No demo, no moving. At least half an hour playtime required.

Often, number 5 will be overlooked, and the project will be moved anyway.