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PottBott was a bot used in IRC by Roph. Well, technically anyone could use it, but half-ops, ops, admin, and so on had more commands for it. If Roph was not in the room, then neither was PottBott.

Some of the commands one could use with PottBott were:

  • !stats - this displayed various information about the user, such as number of words spoken, etc.
  • !tstats - same as !stats, but only for the current day.
  • !top10 - displayed the top 10 chatters by amount of words spoken. Curiously it actually only displayed the top 9, illustrating PottBott's inability to keep up with other robots when it came to simple thing such as arithmetic.
  • !ttop10 - same as !top10 but only for the current day.

Don't make PottBott angry, or you may find yourself removed from the room. In particular, he hated it when users would say the same thing over and over again.

Current status

PottBott has been out of commission for some time now, but he might make a glorious comeback someday. Who knows?