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Advertise your site here. All advertisements posted outside of this forum will be deleted!

The Poster Board has been around since the start of RMRK. It's purpose is to hold any advertisements members my have for their sites. Occasionally, discussion sometimes shifts onto website related things, such as HTML or webhosting, though this doesn't happen as much now that there is a computing forum.

Flaming Problems

The Poster Board has sometimes been home to some fairly nasty flaming, especially if an unpopular or disliked member posts their site. Also, poorly designed sites, sites hosted on free services, or sites that give the impression that little to no effort at all has been put into them come under scrutiny occsionally. Because of this, the Poster Board is kept watch over more closely, and the more disruptive arguments in threads tend to be split off to Spam.


In an effort to combat people registering simply to advertise their sites, a new Poster Board rule was introduced in January 2006, requiring members to have at least 30 posts to advertise. If an advertisement is posted by a member with less than 30, the topic is usually edited to remove their link, and then locked.


Poster Board