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Aliases :), Nouman6, Dr_Squidward, Gag_Masta_Flex, Muhammad
Join Date October 11, 2006
Member ID 2876
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Initially when Nouman joined, his username was Nouman6, although he later dropped the "6" at the end.

Starting out, Nouman helped many people with RPG Maker. He was well know for his mapping tutorials and RPG Maker projects. That, combined with his incredibly high posting rate made him well-known throughout the forums.

He has a strong affection for heavy metal music, and while it's considered among members who like the same style of music that he generally has good taste in the genre, he is still viewed as close-minded, as he usually won't give anything outside the metal genre a chance. This, at first, was the same when he started his topic on configuring IE 6. The computer knowledgeable members told him how ridiculous it was to go through the trouble of configuring IE (as well as using it), but he was very stubborn and stuck using IE for a while. Eventually Roph convinced him to switch to Firefox.

Nouman worked his way through the ranks, becoming a Moderator, Super Moderator, then finally an Administrator.

Not unlike a ticking time bomb, Nouman became progressively more intolerable as time went on. As he gained more power, his signature kindness faded away as he became more arrogant and less stable. Eventually, after he became an Administrator, he had become almost a polar opposite of what he was when he joined.

Nouman finally exploded in 2010 and has been inactive since. He's no longer an Administrator.


It's arguable that during a period of time, among his generation of members, Nouman was the kindest. He was also one of the most helpful, right up there with Blizzard. The only thing that anyone saw wrong with Nouman was his closed-minded nature. However, a less stable side of Nouman started to show as time progressed. It was revealed that he would get into arguments and overreact in certain situations, often committing acts of terrorism over minute disagreements.


Nouman had gotten into a fight with the coolkid25344. This fight had started over coolkid25344 leaving a comment on Ericmor's game topic and claiming it to be a "scam". This angered Nouman, who left a reply on the remark and was fired back by coolkid25344 who used vulgar language (along with his bad grammar) to state that Nouman had no idea what he was talking about. This later led to another feud between the two in coolkid's game topic where he said he would spam Nouman until he was banned, which eventually did lead to his banishment.

He's also gotten into a large fight with Anski. Anski called Nouman's metal "stupid." Nouman, being a huge metalhead, threatened to delete Anski's account and all his posts. Afraid of losing his Administrator position, he bombed a bridge instead.

Malson is another member he tried to tango with, claiming that all Malson did was sit around being a prick to everyone.

Community Involvement

He was seen often in the RPG maker section helping people with problems. He also worked on his "Zelda Starter Kit" and maps for multiple projects. Nouman is also the creator of Theme Month: Pokemon Avatars. Also, Nouman generously donated several times to RMRK.

Forum Activity

Overall, he spent most of his time in The Sewers, Tutorials & Eventing Help and Projects.

2006 RMRK Awards

Nouman was nominated for the following categories:

Ironically, neither he or Zxmelee became moderator when a new one was announced, and instead, Tsunokiette became a mod. He later did become a mod and is now a Super Mod.

2007 RMRK Awards

Nouman was nominated for the following categories:

2008 RMRK Awards

Nouman was nominated for the following categories:

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